Seven vs. the World - One Direction Fanfiction

Jess, Harry, Lacy, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam all go to the same school for demigods. They all go on a summer holiday to Hawaii together. Since they are all demigods they are prepared for any monster attacks that may occur, but they are definitely not prepared for what is about to happen to them. Through this battle of life or death, will they experience romance?? Will Jess’s secret be revealed to the world?? Will One Direction break up?? (i worte this story in inspiration of 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' 'twilight' 'Harry Potter' 'Cher Lloyd' and 'One Direction' <3)


5. You WHAT?!

Louis calls the police and they take Ryan away.  I look over at Louis and he looks back at me smiling, “how?” was all I said to him.

He looks at the ground and mumbles quietly, “I have powers...”

I look at him in shock, “really? Wow.”

Louis backs away, “I am sorry you had to find out this way, you probably never want to talk to me again because I am a ‘freak’ and all.....”

“What are you talking about? I wouldn’t leave you for any reason, ever.”  I slowly walk towards him and take his hand, he doesn’t resist so I went up on my tip toes to kiss his cheek.  When I pulled away he blushed and so did i.  I dragged him and all the boys back in the house into the living room, they all sat down and I stood before them. 

“there is something I have to confess, I am not only a demigod but a wizard too.”  I looked at Harry and he looked shocked but u could see that he understood.

“I am a wizard too,” says Harry who is standing up to join me in front of the boys.

“I am a super hero,” says Louis who also comes to stand beside me.

“Since everyone is confessing, I guess I should too. I am a werewolf,” says a confident Liam.

“I am a leprechaun,” whispers Niall.

“And I am a vampire,” Zayn states.  We all look at each other and smile, we all have a secret and it feels good to tell someone.

Just then we hear the door close and in comes Lacy, she stares at us questioningly, “what happened to you guys,” she looked at me and Louis and saw that our hair was messed up and our clothes were in rough shape because of what Ryan had done.

“Ryan...” was all that could come out of my mouth. Her eyes widened with hatred and anger.

“WHAT!? Why was he here!” she shouted at me.

I looked at her, I knew what I needed to tell her but with any mention of Ryan I usually tear up and am not able to speak.  But this time I just freeze.

The whole house is quiet until Liam decides to speak up, “umm.....Jess? Who was that guy?”

I unfreeze and stare at him, everyone is waiting to see my reaction but all I do is walk away to my room with no expression on my face what so ever.  I close my door and from downstairs I can hear Harry, Lacy and Louis explaining who he was, since they were the only ones who knew about him. 

A few minutes later I am lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling, tears running from my eyes.  They won’t stop, they just keep going.  Soon my door opens and I feel a body lay beside me, no words are spoken, and we lay there in silence until he decides to open his mouth.

“You shouldn’t be crying over him, he’s a horrible person who is going to jail for breaking and entering now.  Don’t waste your tears and feelings on him.”

“Louis, I am not crying over him.  I am crying about what he made me do to myself....” I trailed off at the end as I looked over to him, he didn’t know what I had done to myself.  His eyes widen, he looks sad, angry, hurt.  I don’t understand why he cares so much about the past, I mean we are just friends, and I know friends are supposed to care and everything but this, this is more than that.  Maybe he has feelings for me...?  I snap out of my thoughts when Louis grabs my wrists and turns them over.  He sees my scars and starts to cry.

“Why?” he chokes out

I just look at him, not wanting to answer. He pulls me in tight and hugs me while both of us are crying.  “Don’t you ever do this ever again; it hurts me to think that you hurt yourself. Promise me you will never do this again, you mean too much to me.”

I just stare into his sad, hurt eyes and whisper, “I promise.”

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