Seven vs. the World - One Direction Fanfiction

Jess, Harry, Lacy, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam all go to the same school for demigods. They all go on a summer holiday to Hawaii together. Since they are all demigods they are prepared for any monster attacks that may occur, but they are definitely not prepared for what is about to happen to them. Through this battle of life or death, will they experience romance?? Will Jess’s secret be revealed to the world?? Will One Direction break up?? (i worte this story in inspiration of 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' 'twilight' 'Harry Potter' 'Cher Lloyd' and 'One Direction' <3)


3. Why did u have to ruin my life......again (long chapter)

I didn’t ever want to see him ever again in my life, because he had ruined it.  I never expected to see him ever again; I hoped to never see him ever again.  He was the reason that I never loved another, he was the reason I was so closed off to others, he was the reason I hurt myself.


“See you soon babe, love you.”

“Love you too,” Ryan said while hugging my tightly. I was finally happy; I knew he was the one I needed.  Ryan was about 6ft tall and very good looking, he had a kind heart and always wanted what was best for me, and he was 20 years old.  We lived together in a small house in England; I had graduated when I was 16 so we had been living together for about 1 year.

Sadly I had to leave for the weekend to go to camping for a family reunion.  As I was driving away I saw him waving goodbye to me, I waved back and kept on driving.


3 days later

I was just coming home from camping when I see an unfamiliar car sitting in the driveway. I shrug my shoulders expecting it to be one of Ryan’s friends.  But when I got out of the car and walked in the door saying I’m home, I look up to see Ryan with another girl. They were making out on the couch. My eyes filled with tears.  I dropped everything and took off my promise ring he had given to me a year ago and put in down on the table.  He hadn’t even seen me come in, and I didn’t plan on him finding out I had.  I took my bags and rushed up the stairs.  I packed everything I could and just as I was about to leave, Ryan stood at the bottom of the stairs holding the ring.  He looked at me with an apologetic expression, but I just brushed past him and out the door.  I got in my car and he ran out the door chasing after me. But I kept on going; I didn’t stop until I came to the doorstep of the only person I wanted to talk to, Louis.  He opened the door, saw me with my things standing in the pouring rain, crying.  A look of sadness washed over his flawless face and immediately he pulled me inside.  He hasn’t said a word to me yet and I could tell he was upset.  He pulled off my jacket and sat me down on the couch with a blanket and put in the movie ‘the notebook’ he then left to the kitchen to get something.  That’s one of the things I love about him, he knows what to do, and he knows how to make me feel better with no words, just actions.  He came out with two hot drinks, handed me one and sat down next to me. I looked at him, he had red eyes and I could tell he had just been crying.

“Thank you,” I said softly and snuggled up to him turning my attention back to the movie.  He leaned down and kissed my head and we just cuddled together for the rest of the movie.

Louis’ POV:

She stood at my door, drenched.  It looked as though she had been drying a lot.  I then looked down to her sides and saw she was holding big bags.  I knew what had happened.  I quickly rushed her in and get her settled down, as I was making us drinks I couldn’t stop myself from crying, why would someone hurt such an amazing girl? I knew since I first met her that this Ryan guy was bad news, I told Harry my thoughts but he had taken a liking to Ryan already.  I dropped a few hints to Jess about my thoughts but she didn’t realize what I was trying to say. I went back into the living room and sat with her handing her favourite hot drink, French vanilla latte to her. She said thank you and snuggled up to me, I kissed her forehead and started to silently cry again.  We both fell asleep before the movie ended but soon woke up to the bright light shining into the room, she looked up at me and smiled, kissed my cheek and got up.  She was just walking away to the kitchen when she stopped dead in her tracks; she turned around and walked back to me. She explained everything that had happened and we both ended up in tears by the end. Why would someone want to hurt her? She is kind, beautiful and just amazing!  Wait! Am I falling for her..........?

1 week later

She has been staying at my place for a while; I just wish she would cheer up. I caught her cutting the other day, I didn’t freak out at all, and I just stood in front of her bawling my eyes out. As I was cleaning u her wounds I was still bawling, she could see how much this hurt me and promised to never do it again.  I swear if I ever see this guy again he is going to get it.


Flashback Over:


So he was standing in the living room, holding a gun in one hand and holding a struggling Louis in the other.  Tears formed in my eyes to see Lou like this. 

“What do you want,” I spat at Ryan.

“I want you back,” he said softly, as though he actually meant it.

“You were the one who cheated on me! I hate you for it! You ruined my life! I will never get back together with you.” I practically yelled at him.

“You will if u want him to live,” he says pointing the gun at Louis head.

“Fine,” I say calmly.  He lets Louis go, and walks over to me. He slaps my face and all the boys gasp.  It looks like Harry is about to jump on him but he quickly grabs me, holding the gun to my neck.  Ryan slowly guides me out of the house, just as we are leaving I see feel the gun being removed from its position and I see that it is floating in the air, but how? Harry didn’t have his wand with him......  Ryan lets me go trying to get the gun back, just as he is about to get it, whoever is controlling it lets go and the gun goes crashing to the ground. Louis jumps on Ryan’s back and starts throwing punches knocking him out.  I look at Louis and realize he was the one who controlled the gun; he had just saved my life.  I run to him and hug him tightly.

“Thank you so much,” I say starting to cry.

“I would do anything for you,” he says softly letting go of me.   

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