Seven vs. the World - One Direction Fanfiction

Jess, Harry, Lacy, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam all go to the same school for demigods. They all go on a summer holiday to Hawaii together. Since they are all demigods they are prepared for any monster attacks that may occur, but they are definitely not prepared for what is about to happen to them. Through this battle of life or death, will they experience romance?? Will Jess’s secret be revealed to the world?? Will One Direction break up?? (i worte this story in inspiration of 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' 'twilight' 'Harry Potter' 'Cher Lloyd' and 'One Direction' <3)


6. Plans..........(long chapter)

The next morning I woke up to a blazing sunlight seeping through the shades.  I felt a pair of strong arms holding me close, I glanced over to see who it was.  Louis, he looked so gorgeous in the morning, with his stubble and the peaceful smile he wore.  I slowly attempted to get out of his grasp but, being the klutz I am, I fell onto the floor with a loud thud waking Louis.  He quickly got up and rushed to help me, as he kneeled down to help me up we stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like forever.  His beautiful blue/green eyes were so full of care and love.

“Are you alright?” he questioned in his very sexy morning voice.

“Ya. Thank you.” I said, still gazing into his eyes.

We only broke eye contact when Harry came into the room to see what the thud was.  “are you guys ok?” he asked looking at both of us. 

“Ya, we’re fine.” Louis answered.  Harry looked down to our hands, I hadn’t noticed until now that our fingers were interlocked.  We quickly pulled away and I saw Lou blush with his head down.  I blushed as well and did the same.

Harry looked at me questioningly, “ummmmm.....ok then.  Breakfast is ready, so come on down when you’re ready.”  He gave me a quick smile and then dashed down the stairs; he probably wanted to get away from the awkwardness that had been building. 

“Well I am gonna go get changed, see you downstairs in a bit,” I said to Lou with a smile.

“Ya, me too.” And with that I grabbed some random clothes and left for the bathroom. 

Oh Lou, why do you have to make me feel this way?  I mean it would be great to be with him, don’t get me wrong, but out of all the boys I was closest with him.  I guess that may be one of the reasons I am falling for him.  I just hope he feels the same way. 

I finish up in the bathroom and head downstairs where I am greeted by five warm smiles and a wink from Niall.....thats......odd.....I just look at him questioningly, I think the reason is that Harry told them what he had seen.  Of course he did, the boys and I told each other everything, and when I say everything I mean everything

“Nice outfit,” says Niall followed by yet another wink and a little chuckle from the rest of the boys except Lou and Harry.  I look down to see that I am wearing Lou’s sweats and one of his baggy T-shirts since I was sleeping in Lou’s bed last night I ended up grabbing his stuff I guess.  I was only staying in his room because of what happened yesterday, I was scared and just needed someone and he was there, he is always there.

“I like it,” Lou says to me with a comforting smile, I smile back but then I notice Harry is glaring at Louis with anger.  I am going to have to talk to Harry about that later because, man, if looks could kill, Lou would definitely be a goner.  I just ignore it for now and take a seat to eat some breakfast. 

Once we finish we get ready to go to school, I am too lazy to fully change so I just change my shirt and keep Lou’s sweats on, grab my converse and head downstairs.  Me and Harry are the only ones down so I decide this is the time to talk to him about this morning.

“Harry.” I start off, “I really like Lou you know.” He just stares at me so I continue, “I know you just want what is best for me because I am your sister and all but, I can take care of myself and you know that Lou is a good guy.  So could you please not be so protective over me?” I ask him is the nicest way I can.

“Jess, I do want what I best for you, of course I do.  And I definitely know that Lou is the perfect guy for you. But I can’t help it when my brotherly instincts take over, I’m sorry. And just to let you know, I am pretty sure Louis likes you too, whenever someone mentions your name he immediately just perks up and smiles.  I can talk to him if you would like?”

“NO! I mean no thanks; I don’t want him to know just yet.  I want him to find out on his own or I want to tell him.” I try to explain to Harry.

“I totally understand,” he says with a smile and we finish there because all the boys come down. “Ok guys, let’s go!”

Today is another day we get to just study and do nothing else.  This whole week we get to study for our final tests of the year next week.  Once we arrive we go to our lockers, we meet up with Lacy and put our bags away then go to our regular spot in the meadow to study. Ya, our school for demigods has a meadow, lake, forest, battle field, archery range, study hall, “The Big House” (dining area for all students/campers, headmaster’s office and a gathering place for everyone).  We are the only ones who go to the field so it’s a nice place to study.  We set up our work areas and get to studying, today I am going to study for my test on how I can control water and sea life.  Harry and I study together because our god parent is the same (Poseidon=god of the ocean/sea).  Niall’s god parent is Demeter (goddess of harvest/agriculture-explains his love for food), Zayn’s god parent is Apollo (god for the sun, music and creativity-explains his amaZAYN voice), Liam’s god parent is Hestia (goddess of the home and hearth-explains his hospitality and care), Louis’ god parent is Aphrodite (goddess of love-explains his loving and caring qualities, and his adoring looks) and Lacy’s god parent is Artemis (goddess of the hunt and moon-explains her love for animals and archery).  We all study for a while - Harry and I play catch with a ball of water, it’s a lot of fun too haha - when we take a break for lunch we all sit in a circle, I sit in between Haz and Lou, beside Lou is Ni and beside Ni is Zaynie, beside Zaynie is Li and beside Li is Lac (pronounced lace) and beside Lac is Haz (yes, I gave them all nicknames).  We sit and talk for a while once we finish we keep talking.

“We should all go to Hawaii for the whole summer.  I know you guys have a concert there and all so I was thinking that we should spend the whole summer there, it would be so much fun!” I suggest to the gang.  They all like the idea, so it’s settled; we are going to Hawaii for the whole summer!  I just hope I can sneak around the boys because not only do they have a concert I have a couple too.

We all were talking about flights and what we are going to do when we are there when Liam’s phone rings.  He picks it up and by the way he is talking you can tell that he is talking to Paul.  He seems quite happy and hangs up, he looks at us with a huge grin.“Hey guys guess what!? When we are in Hawaii, we are doing a show with Cher Lloyd because she is going to be there at the same time we are!”

At that moment I was drinking some water but when he told us the news I spat it out and it sprayed everywhere, “What?!”

The boys look at me suspiciously because of my reaction, Harry and Lacy’s eyes go wide and look at me, then at each other and then back at me.  Harry breaks the silence saying, “what she means to say is that she is a huge fan of Cher and is very excited to meet her.”

“ya,” I say, going along with him.

Right then is when my phone started to ring, I answered and it was my manager, Kelly.  She tells me about the show with One Direction and when I hang up the boys all look at me, I quickly lie and say that it was my cousin, Kelly.

We decide to take a break after we “study” for a couple more hours.  During our break I am talking with Lace and Haz about what we are going to do about Cher. “why don’t you just tell the boys!” says Haz and Lace in unison. (I swear, they are the perfect pair, if only they knew that they both like each other)

“Because the more people I tell the more likely the word will spread.” I explain to them.

Lace looks at me with disbelief, “Do you actually think that your best friends in the world would spread your secret?”

“No but I don’t think this is a good time, they will find out, but not yet.

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