Seven vs. the World - One Direction Fanfiction

Jess, Harry, Lacy, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam all go to the same school for demigods. They all go on a summer holiday to Hawaii together. Since they are all demigods they are prepared for any monster attacks that may occur, but they are definitely not prepared for what is about to happen to them. Through this battle of life or death, will they experience romance?? Will Jess’s secret be revealed to the world?? Will One Direction break up?? (i worte this story in inspiration of 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' 'twilight' 'Harry Potter' 'Cher Lloyd' and 'One Direction' <3)


1. ME!!

I’m Jessica, but everyone calls me Jess and I am 19 years old.  My life is over complicated and I am so busy all the time that when I heard we were going on vacation I was stoked!!!  The reason why my life is busy and complicated is because my brother is THE HARRY STYLES from One Direction and my four best guy friends are also in One Direction.  We all go to camp half-blood because we are all demigods.  Not only are we demigods, Harry, Lacy (my BFFL) and I are all wizards, Louis is a super hero, Niall is a leprechaun, Liam is a werewolf and Zayn is vampire.  It also just so happens that I am a famous singer named Cher Lloyd, but it’s a secret that only Harry and Lacy know about.  It is so hard to keep it from the guys but I have to unless I want someone else to accidentally find out and tell the whole world.  I created Cher because I didn’t want to have the cameras and fans in my face all the time but I still wanted to joy of performing everywhere and to everyone.  As I was saying before, we are going on vacation to Hawaii!  It’s going to be just seven of us, no school, and no distractions. 

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