Seven vs. the World - One Direction Fanfiction

Jess, Harry, Lacy, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam all go to the same school for demigods. They all go on a summer holiday to Hawaii together. Since they are all demigods they are prepared for any monster attacks that may occur, but they are definitely not prepared for what is about to happen to them. Through this battle of life or death, will they experience romance?? Will Jess’s secret be revealed to the world?? Will One Direction break up?? (i worte this story in inspiration of 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' 'twilight' 'Harry Potter' 'Cher Lloyd' and 'One Direction' <3)


8. I have to tell him, I trust him.

1hour later:


As we were leaving to go to the battle arena we are all so excited about going to Hawaii for the whole summer.  When we arrive Harry and Niall sword fight (practice), Lacy goes outside the arena with Zayn and Liam and they do some archery.  Louis and I decide to practice sword fighting.  As we are getting our gear on, we grab our shields and special practice swords that have a dull point and unsharpened sides.  We train for about 30mins, we decide to call our fight a draw, Harry beats Niall so we decide to trade partners, for this fight its Louis vs. Harry and Niall vs. Me.  I easily take down Nialler, man he needs to practice more often. Louis beats Harry but from what I heard from them, it was close.  Lacy, Liam and Zayn come back to the arena and from there we agree on taking the rest of the day off to go to the beach.  Just as we are leaving our headmaster calls everyone to the Big house. 

“I am sorry to say this but exams will be cancelled this year because of reasons that you will soon become aware of, but for now I am not supposed to tell you.  Have a good summer and I truly hope to see you all in the fall. You are dismissed.”

I turned to the boys and lacy, “well now we can go to Hawaii sooner,” I stated with a smile on my face.  They soon returned the smile and we walked out saying our goodbyes to everyone.

Once we got back to our house, we all plopped on the couch and turned on the tv. But I immediately got up and started walking out of the room. A quiet, beautiful, angelic voice made me stop in my tracks and turn around, “where are you going?”

“I am going to go and book our flights and hotels for Hawaii.” I said to Lou, getting lost in his sparkling eyes.

“No need to, love.  Paul is already doing that.” He responds, as we are still staring into each other’s eyes, “Come sit.” He taps the spot on the love seat that is next to him, I smile and walk over to sit with him, pulling my feet up and crunching into a semi ball, he chuckled lightly so that only I can hear him.  He casually puts him arm around the back of my seat and slightly smiles.  I smile too and turn back to the tv.  We watch for about 30mins before I realize that my head is resting on Lou’s shoulder with him arm around me.  I only realized when I looked at Ni and saw him smiling like a crazy person. I guess everyone noticed too because they were all staring at me and Lou, who at the moment couldn’t take his eyes off the screen but he looked comfy.  They all stood up and left to room saying that they were gonna start packing, Lacy said she was gonna go home so she shot me a quick wink and was out the door before I could say anything.  Lou finally took his eyes away from the TV and looked around; he noticed everyone had left but me.  He readjusted himself so he was slouching and pulled me closer, as we cuddled he couldn’t stop smiling at me and vice versa.  He leaned in and kissed my forehead just as I fell asleep in him safe, secure arms.

I awoke to the sound of Lou’s voice telling me it’s time to wake up along with a kiss on my forehead.  I slowly woke and realized we were in the same position we were in when I fell asleep.  I kissed his cheek, he blushed which made me smile.  I stood up and grabbed his hand to pull him up. It was 6pm and the boys had left a note on the table saying that they went out to a club and they wouldn’t be home for while.  Harry had left a note for Lou at the bottom saying that if he lays a finger on me, he’s dead.  I saw Lou’s face go pale as he read this, I stood up on my tip toes to give him a kiss on the cheek saying it’s alright, harry is just being overprotective again.  He smiled at this and wrapped his arms around me for a hug.  I don’t know if he and I are a “thing” or if we are together or what but whatever we were, I liked it.  I slithered out of his arms and went to the fridge to find us something to eat.  I pull out some leftovers and warm it up in the microwave, I grab two forks and go back to the couch where Lou ended going back too, I hand him a fork and we dig in.

By the time it is 7pm, I go to my room to start packing.  I turn on my IPod to a few of the backtracks for my songs so I can practice, I close the door but start singing “Oath” forgetting that Lou is home.  I am totally rocking out when I see someone at the doorway with his jaw dropped to the floor. “Where did you learn to sing like that?  You sound like someone on the radio............what’s her name.......its....umm.....CHER thats it, you sound exactly like Cher Lloyd.  That’s amazing.”

I froze, I didn’t know wither I should tell him or not, I think I should tell him, I trust him.  “Umm Louis, I have something to tell you, I.......I......I” I couldn’t do it, but I had to. “I am Cher Lloyd.”

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