Jar Of Hearts

Harry was a player. He didn't know why, he never wants to hurt girls. He couldn't stop himself. Then a new girl in school moves to his town. She changes everything..
After changing everything, she also changes another boys look on love. That boy, is Zayn.
This is a great story of love triangle, friendship, drama, and comedy.


7. The Day After

I stared into his eyes. They shimmered. They were full of lust. I just wanted to kiss him already. The loud music boomed, and bursted. I finally broke the gaze. It didn't feel too comfortable. "Can I hold your hand?" he asked with his green eyes. I nodded. Harry took my hand, and kissed it. Placing it on his lap with both hands.

"Amy, you're beautiful." he smiled. I looked down at his lips. Then back up to him. I studied each and every structure on his face. He looked down at mine, and bit his lip.

He leant in. We were close to kissing.. We were about to.. Then,

"Amy!" Zayn shouted. He woke me out of my daydream. "Huh?" I looked from Harry at a distance to Zayn. "Come dance." he motioned. I sighed and looked up. "I guess."


I woke up in my bed. My eyes heavy. I realized it was Saturday and relaxed. I slid back into bed. I tried smelling my breath. It reaks of alchohal. I pushed my blankets down, I was wearing my undergarments on top of my actual clothes. I heard a loud snore. I looked down on the right side, I expected to see my normal light pink rug, but no.

A drunken Zayn was passed out on my floor.

I sighed and flew back down. I passed out again.

"Amy, A-Amy.." I heard a voice studder."Hhmmmmn!" I groaned. "W-walk me h-home." the voice stumbled. "Who are you!" I whined. "Zayn." he laughed. I rubbed my eyes with both hands.

"Zayn I love you." I said jokingly. "I love you too." he laughed.


"Thank god you went out that window. If my mum saw you she'd kill both me and you." I said. He smiled and looked down at the grass. "Hey, I was wondering if you'd want to go out with me and some of my friends." he smiled. "Course. One thing," I smiled.

I got down on one knee. "Be my bestfriend?" I laughed. "Oh YES!" he shouted. He hugged me, his hands at picking my up by the small of my waist. I laughed as he bear hugged me and waved my back and forth in his muscular arms.

"I call you later." I laughed a little. "Bye." he said.


I waited until 3, until mum called me down. I sighed, I wish she woken up earlier.

"Amy, where were you last night?" she concernly asked. "I went over my friends house. I came home late though." I lied. "Really? Can you explain to me why you came stumbling in last night?"

My heart stopped. "Uhm.. We'll talk later, bye mum!" I rushed out the door.

She sighed and sat back down.

"Zayn!" I shouted, as I saw him waltz to his motorcycle. "Yes my dear?" he asked. "We came stumbling in last night?" I shouted. "I guess." he scratched the back of his neck. "Oh my god." I covered my forehead. He took my shoulders. "This is the consequence of being bad ass." he smiled. He sighed and gripped my shoulders tighter. "Don't worry about it, let's go have fun. Now get up on her." he patted the motorcycle.

"You're joking, right?" I chuckled. "C'mon." he droned. "I can't!" I said louder. "Amy, shut the fuck up and live." he smiled. I sighed and walked over to him as he placed the blue helmet on my head. He placed a black one with red flames on, careful not to mess up his hair. He guided me on the seat.

"My mom's going to kill me." I said, just before he fired off.

I caught my mom looking out the window.


We reached South Yorkshire Mall. Or what the locals call it, SY Mall. "You did really well, beside the fact that you practically bit my shoulder the entire way." he sassed. "Zayn, that was your consequence for making me get on a fucking motorcycle." I bickered to him.

As we bickered back and forth to eachother, four people came walking up. "Zaynie, this your bird?" I heard a voice. "No." we said at the same time, we looked away awkwardly. "Aw!" girl voices cooed. "Well, Crystabelle, this is, Anna, Louis, Will, and Christina." he said. "I said not to call me Crystabelle, but hello." I waved to them.

And yeah, it was the Louis from the party last night. "Might I say, you were quite the animal last night." Louis winked. "What's that supposed to mean?" I accused. "Nothing babe, nothing." he smiled.

We strutted into the mall, looking at stores and what not. "Let's go to Hollister. I gots to get myself some sweats." Louis said, flicking his bowl hair out of his eyes.

"Hollister is overrated." I remarked. "They have some wicked threading though." Zayn added. "And, they're some sexy ass shirts there too." Anna said.

"Might as well get you something, Amy." Christina said. "Really love, you don't have to." I smiled. "Oh, but I want to." she smiled.


I ended up getting more then I wanted. I got 6 pairs of shirts, 4 pairs of pants, 1 skirt, and 2 perfumes. "I can't believe you wasted about 60 pounds on me." I said to Christina. "Oh darling, please. I love wasting money." she smiled. "I love these pants, look at how red!" Louis dangled the sweat pants in his hands. "Right, on to the next store." Zayn smiled down at me. I was starting to feel something I didn't want to for him.



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