Jar Of Hearts

Harry was a player. He didn't know why, he never wants to hurt girls. He couldn't stop himself. Then a new girl in school moves to his town. She changes everything..
After changing everything, she also changes another boys look on love. That boy, is Zayn.
This is a great story of love triangle, friendship, drama, and comedy.


2. School!

I walked into the school with the strap on my shoulder, looking back at my mums car. She smiled and waved and drove off. I breathed in, fixed my uniform, and walked in with the crowd of people. I looked at certain people, then awkwardly looked away.

But this one boy. This curly haired, green eyed kid looked at me, weirdly. I looked away quickly, having a little breath taking out of me. I walked over to my, new locker, being pushed by out of the way by kids trying to get to theirs.

"Ehm, excuse me, I'm trying to get to my locker." the boys looked up at me, with dark chocolate brown eyes. "Oh, I'm sorry." he says, as he moves out of the way. He had a quiff, and a blonde streak, a very handsome lad indeed. "Thanks.." I smile. I put my combination in as he watches me. "Are you new? You don't look familiar." he laughs.

"I am, I moved here yesterday." I smiled. "Ah, eh, I'm Zayn, Malik." he smiles, holding his hand out, as I'm about to put my bag down. "Uhm, Crystabelle, call me Amy.." I smile, and shake it. "Why Amy?" he laughs, as I take my books out. "Oh, Crystabelle is too, mainstream, I guess." I giggled. "Amy is easier to remember." I grinned, as I pulled the books out of the back, and hung my bag on the hook in the locker.

"That's like saying singing is easier than dancing." he remarks. "It is." I smiled. "Your funny." he chuckles. "Thanks. You too, Malik." I smiled, shut my locker, and walked away, smirking at him. Damn, I did pretty good now, didn't I.


I twirled the pen in my hand, feeling eyes staring into my back. I looked behind me, to look at the same curly haired boy from earlier. He didn't even look away. His piercing green eyes staring into my soul. I smiled.. And looked away. I bit my lip, and continued to write my English notes.

"Can anyone tell me what a collective noun is?" the teacher asked. No one raised their hand. I had anticipated raising my hand, I didn't want to seem like a nerd. But, I did.

"Yes, Amy." she smiles. "A collective noun is a noun explaining a group of things." I say confidently. "Correct." she smiles, writing my exact words on the board. I sighed, letting a breath out.


I walked out of the class, heading to 4th period.. Gym. I walked in the locker room, the gym clothes folded up in the locker all ready for me, in my size. I like this school. I put on the white shirt, the dark blue shorts, and white tennis shoes. I put my hair up in a pony tail, leaving the indigo hairband on.

I sat on the cold wooden floor, behind a buzzed cut boy, and a blonde haired boy behind me. I look across the gymnasium, it seemed to be a pattern.

We stood up to do jumping jacks, I felt eyes being burned into me bum. I closed my eyes and clenched my fists. I hated when boys looked at me bum. Yes, it was large, but I didn't like to flaunt it. We were told to go to the floor to do push ups. I looked under my body to see who was behind me. It was a boy with blue eyes, a brown haired swipe, and a skinny nose. I looked back up, rolling my eyes and pursing my lips.

I didn't understand what it was about me. I sighed, and did the next warm up.


Once we finished with basketball, we rushed back to the locker room. But I was stopped by that curly kid. "Hello, uh, your in my English class right?" he asks. "Uh, yeah.." I say. "What was the homework, I completely forgot.." he scratched the back of his neck.

"Oh, you need to study, that's about it.." I smile. "Alright.. Um, I'm Harry Styles." he smirked. Charming indeed. "Uhm Amy Austin." I grinned. "Nice, uh, see you soon, I guess." he smiled. "yep." I said awkwardly. "Bye." he waved. I waved back smiling. He was patted on the back by his friends when he walked into the Gym.


I walked into the home, happy. "Hey baby, how was school?" she asked. "Really good actually." I smiled. "Aww, good." she smiled. "Yeah, I'm just gonna go upstairs." I smiled, and bit my lip. "Alright, I'll call you down for dinner." she said. I just nodded, and danced upstairs. I was really happy with how my day went. And I couldn't wait to go back tomorrow..


Oh my gosh guys I love this story already. I can't wait to make moooree! Agggh! :)

Merry X-mas, and good luck trying to deal with the pain of Louis turning 21. I got a severe head ache. That's my baby boy like going off to college or something. Haha, I wonder how Jay feels!




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