Jar Of Hearts

Harry was a player. He didn't know why, he never wants to hurt girls. He couldn't stop himself. Then a new girl in school moves to his town. She changes everything..
After changing everything, she also changes another boys look on love. That boy, is Zayn.
This is a great story of love triangle, friendship, drama, and comedy.


5. Plays?

"A play?" I almost spit my food out. "Zayn, chorus is already enough, but a play?" I repeat again. "Yes, a play? It's always fun, and if you're too scared.. you can become stage crew." he smirked at me. "I'm not scared?" I denied him. "Then do it with me!" he took my hand. "No." I said. "Just, please?" he asked again. "I'll think about it." I smiled at him. "Good." he lent back. "You want to change this year, so why not get into performing arts?" he said. He was right. Might as well try something new. But a play was a bit too much.


"Today class, we're are going to be disecting an animal. I know, a cliche science class, but it's a nice look inside of a body?" Mr.Duval said. I moaned, as well as the other girls, while the boys we're all excited. "Now, you will be working with partners, but I will be assigning them. You can thank Lisa for that." I laughed, as she smirked at him. "Now, Liam you can partner up with Seth, Amy, you'll be with Lisa, Michael and Sarah.."

Lisa. As in Lisa Carwell? The most popular and meanest girl in the school? Shit. She smiled and signaled me over. I hesitantly got up with my pen, becoming one with people getting to their partners. "Hi, your new right?" she asked. "Yeah." I said. "Why don't I know you?" she smiled. I shrugged my shoulders, she was about to say something, but Mr.Duval interuppted her. "Now go to the supply closet and get your supplies." he said.

Lisa took my arm and dragged me to the closet. "Hey Lisa, she your new victim?" Seth snickered with Liam, buzz-cut in my Gym class, behind him staring at me. "What do you mean, new victim. She's my friend?" Lisa smiled at me. "Another friend that you make out with?" he added. "Uhm, that's rude?" I piped in. Lisa smiled to me again. "Seth, dear, go suck a cactus." Lisa said. I chortled, and so did Liam, and Seth glared back at Liam. "Sorry man, but you're a dickhead." Liam laughed. Lisa dragged me back out. As I smiled back at Liam.

"What a wanker." I said. "I know." Lisa agreed with me.


I kept seeing Harry in the halls. He would just stare at me. I don't know if I should be flattered or insulted. I saw Zayn, maybe he knew. "Zayn, do you know Harry?" I asked him before he could greet me. "Curly or straight?" he asked. "Curly." "Of course, that's my best bro. Why?" he asked. "Uhm, he keeps on staring at me." I hesitated. "Ahh. He might like you. What kind of stare?" he questioned. "Well, like it's really intense." I explained. "He's studying you." he smirked. "Go talk to him." he suggested. "eh." I moaned. He just laughed. "Bye, see you tomorrow, go talk to Ms.Cassumo about the play." he reminded me. "And she wants you anyway. She talked to me." he told me. "Zayn!" I cried. "Hey, she called me down." he laughed, his hands up defensively.

I bit my lip, thinking about it. I turned around back to Zayn, he pointed at me. I looked down. I'm going.

I was interrupted by a familiar figure.

"Amy, right?" Harry said. "Yeah." I laughed nervously. I caught his eye level traveling down. I cleared my throat, his eyes shooting up. "So, Amy, well, my friends and I were having a party, I wanted to know if you'd come?" he bit his lip. "Harry, uh, parties aren't my thing.." I said, walking past him. "Wait," he grabbed my arm tightly. "Please? It's great fun. Especially my parties." he winked. I debated. If I went, I'd probably do something I'd regret, but then again, I'd be taking a chance and living my life. I had to go. I mean if Zayn was going, then I'm going. He's the only person I trust. "Yeah. Time and place?" I asked. 

He handed me a paper, it had the address, his number, and what time. "I'll see you there, Amy." he smiled. I nodded. I let out a breath. Oh my god. He was really breathtaking. I felt like a sort of pressure. I bit my lip.



"Amy! Zayn sent you down I see." she smiled. "So, I'm setting up a play. We usually do that in January." she smiled. "Oh. Ok." I said. "It's called Once On This Island. It's about a rich boy and a peasant girl who fall in love. It's a very good story." she smiled. "Well, uh, I get a little stage fright.." I nervously laughed. She sighed and lent one head to the left. "Sweetie, take a chance." she said. "I guess." I said. "Great!" she sang. "I'll see you on January 2." she smiled. "Yeah.." I smiled. 


"Mom." I cried. "What?" 

"I tried out for a play." I laughed. "Oh, how lovely." she sarcastically said. "You're taking things too fast. Slow it down. I understand you want to be different this year, but you don't have to rush into things?" she explained. "Yes, mum, I realize that, but my friend sent me to the choir, and then Ms.Cassumo is in love with me, ever since the audition, now she's begging me to join. So I came to her room." I said. My mom sighed. "I have to go out, get your homework done. Food's on the table." she smiled. "And one more thing." 


"I'm going to a party.." I bit my lip.



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