Jar Of Hearts

Harry was a player. He didn't know why, he never wants to hurt girls. He couldn't stop himself. Then a new girl in school moves to his town. She changes everything..
After changing everything, she also changes another boys look on love. That boy, is Zayn.
This is a great story of love triangle, friendship, drama, and comedy.


11. Lost

                 Tuesday morning, I went to my locker. I put in the combination, awaiting the blonde highlighted quiff. "Hey.." he said awkwardly. "Hey." I replied back. "So, uh, how are you." he asked. I can tell he wanted to ask something else. "Great.." I said looking down at the lock. "That's good." he said, doing the same. "Look, Zayn, I don't want things to be awkward now. I don't want you to think that just because you feel that way, doesn't make me treat you any differently." he looked at me with his eyes, that gave me so much butterflies in my stomach I almost threw up.

            "And nothing is gonna change that." I took his hand. "You're my bestfriend." He smiled at me, then hugged me tightly. "We should get to homeroom.." he said. I nodded. 



                                     ~Zayn Malik's p.o.v~

 I was distraught. I really liked her.. I've felt like this only once in my life. I felt it with Perrie. Perrie was my ex-girlfriend.. I loved her. Like, really loved her. We spent every second together, until she had left to pursue her dreams of becoming a cosmetologist. I was stuck here in England, lonely. While she was having the time of her life in America.

I'm getting so sick of being hurt and left behind. I just need to love someone.

~Crystabelle's P.O.V~

"This weekend Harry?" I talked to him over the phone, tracing the wall with my finger. "Yes, this weekend. I can't take you anywhere this Thursday. So Friday is more appropriate, babe."

"Look at you Harry, being all organized." I giggled.

"Haha. Talk to you later lovely." He chuckled. "Bye sweetie."

"Ugh." I flew back, and suddenly a train of emotions hit me. Everything just hit me. I have done what I said I would do. I have my first boyfriend, I'm open about my singing, I'm spontaneous. You'd think I'd be content with what I have, but from some reason, my heart wasn't settled. Something was not right.

I decided to knock myself out of the smile, and start actually doing homework.

-Later On-

"Zayn!" I whined while continuously knocking on his door. "Cryst? What's wrong?"

"I'm bored." I droned. "Come over and watch a movie!" I smile.

"Fine with me, just a sec love."


"Popcorn my bestest friend ever?" I smiled. "What do you want?" Zayn smugly asked. "Nothing. It's just that you have the best hair ever."

"Fucking finally! It's taken me three months to convince you. Harry's hair is just sex hair, mine is neat and," Zayn suddenly stopped. "Why are you dating him." He said emotionlessly, his eyes settled on one place.

"Because I like him." I confidently said. "He's going to hurt you. He's hurt so many girls, you don't need that. It's killing me inside because I know he's going to deceive you. He's going to fucking rip your heart out and I'm not letting that happen."

"Zayn, what are you talking about?" I asked. "Break up with him. Please."

"No! Who are you to tell me who to break up with?"

Zayn looked like he wasn't in touch with Earth at the moment. He looked lost.

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