Jar Of Hearts

Harry was a player. He didn't know why, he never wants to hurt girls. He couldn't stop himself. Then a new girl in school moves to his town. She changes everything..
After changing everything, she also changes another boys look on love. That boy, is Zayn.
This is a great story of love triangle, friendship, drama, and comedy.


10. How He Feels

         Harry grew a cheeky grin on his face. "I like you, because, you're different." he said, and placed his hand on mine. I instantly got chills. "Wh-what kind of different?" I stuttered stupidly. "You're unique, I've dated a lot of girls opposite from you." he said. We're dating? What? Oh, right. 

"Well, thank you then." I practically whispered. He looked me in the eyes. "Why so much make-up?" he asked, and he started to rub it off. "I, I thought that you'd think I'm prettier with it." I said. My stomach was tied in knots. Dear lord, I just wanted to kiss him. "You're beautiful without it, Crystabelle." he seductively said.

His thumb eventually slid down to my chin. He rubbed a bit, and then pulled me closer, his eyes not leaving mine. First kiss. We were about to kiss, when my phone rang. I jumped back. "Harry, I'm so sorry." I said. "It's fine love." he smiled. "Hello?" I asked.

"Crystabelle Angelica Austin, where the hell are you?" my mum started. "Um, I'm out with a friend of mine." I looked to Harry and he nodded, obviously realizing it's my mum. "Where? I'm going to pick you up." she said. "Oh no, no, no, that's not necessary, um, look, I'll call you back mum." I said. "Crysta-" she started, but I hung up.

"Harry, I need to get home. I'm sorry." I said. He smiled genuinely and nodded. He took my hand and lead me to his car. He opened the door for me, like he did earlier. 

              "This wasn't the longest date, but, I really liked this time, Harry." I said. "Well, would you like to go on another?" he asked. I smiled and nodded. 


I guess I had my first boyfriend. I smiled to myself.


Harry helped me out of the car, like the gentleman he is. He lead me to my front door. I was facing Zayn's house and he was turned the other way. He took my hand and rubbed it. "I guess I'll see you Monday." he smiled. "Yeah." I said. He bit his lip. Oh hallelujah. He only kissed my cheek. But it was so close to my mouth. 

"Bye love." he smiled. I watched him go into his car. He blew a kiss to me and drove off. I savored the feel of his lips on my skin. They were semi-chapped. I felt my heart flutter, I couldn't feel my fingertips. I was head over heels for him. I cut-off from my thoughts when Zayn's head appeared from his house window.

He smiled and ran somewhere. Before I knew it, he was standing in front of me.

"What happened?" he asked, squeezing my hand. "He kissed my cheek.." I said barely audible. Zayn grew a big smile on his face, but something about it wasn't genuine. "That's fabulous!" he cheered. Zayn looked into my eyes, as his smile gradually decreased.

             "I'm so happy for you." he said. I smiled and hugged him tightly around his neck. "Zayn, I know how you feel." I whispered in his ear. When I pulled back, he looks like all color drained from his face. "I know exactly how you feel." I weakly smiled at him. "Good night," I smiled. That's when I shut the door.

I knew exactly how he felt. I knew he loved me.





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