Jar Of Hearts

Harry was a player. He didn't know why, he never wants to hurt girls. He couldn't stop himself. Then a new girl in school moves to his town. She changes everything..
After changing everything, she also changes another boys look on love. That boy, is Zayn.
This is a great story of love triangle, friendship, drama, and comedy.


6. Bum Starer

"You're funny." my mum said sarcastically. "Mum! Please!" I begged. "No Amy, you're not going to a party, and getting yourself knocked up my some bloke you'll never see again." my mum overexaggerated.

"Mum, you're being unfair." I cried. "I'm protecting my daughter." she said, shutting the door behind her. I rolled my eyes.

Then. An idea blossomed in my head. I'll sneak. I quickly ran to my backpack on the floor, pulling out my iPhone 3. I called Zayn's number.

"Hello?" Zayn answered.

"Zayn, I need you to take me to Harry's party. My mum's not taking me." I said.

"Oh, so you're sneaking out? That's my girl. I'll be there in ten." he laughed.


I fixed my blue blouse, and pulled my black pants up. I made sure my chestnut Uggs were securely on, I then tighten my ponytail, and pulled on my black Northface.

The doorbell rang, I quickly pushed up my eyelashes so they we're noticable from the mascara I put on. I walked over to the door, opening it to see Zayn fitted in a white v-neck tee, gray pants, black leather boots. His hair was styled up like always, and he had a silver rosarie sitting around his neck.

"Looking good." he winked. "Shut up." I laughed, and took his arm, dragging him to his black Honda Odyssey.


"You've been rebelious lately." he said. "Have not. I can't be. I'm Amy for godsakes." I laughed. "People chaange!" he sang. "I honestly don't feel rebelious." I added.

"You're sneaking out at 10:00 at night to go to a house party full of booze." he reminded me.

"Yes, but that's the first rebelious thing I've done." I quickly snapped my head to look out the window, my curled blonde ponytail smacking me in the face.

"There's more to come. I was exactly like you at one point love. Trust me." he smiled.


 We walked into the loud music, people dancing. I made sure I clenched tightly onto Zayn's arm. I felt him look down at me. He chuckled. "Don't act like you're going to die." he smiled. "I might as well." I looked up at him.

We found Harry chatting with a couple of girls. Zayn greeted him by a hand shake and a man hug. After he hugged him, I stood there, my hands together. Looking up at him nervous. He pulled away from Zayn stepping back to look at me. "Hey love." he bit his lip. He lent in to hug me. I couldn't say no. I'm not that type of person.

"Hi Harry." I said in his arms. "Don't you look stunning." he smiled. I rolled my eyes playfully. "Come, sit." he motioned me and Zayn.

Zayn sat next to Harry as I watched the people fist pump. I noticed the three boys in my gym class. Liam, the blone kid who stares at my ass, and the kid with blue eyes, and the swipe. "I see you're staring at Louis. Like him?" Zayn asked. "Uh, no? I don't know him. Wait, which kid is Louis." I asked.

"Louis's the one with the blue eyes. And that blonde one, that's Niall." he smiled at me. "Great lads." he added. "Well that Niall guy stares at my arse when I do warm ups in Gym." I said to him.

"That's a good sign. That kid is a great lover." he smiled. "It's a good sign when a boy looks at your bum?" I assumed. "You have quite the bum." Harry said. Zayn nodded. "You look at my ass?"

"I'm boy? I can't help myself." Harry winked. "Wonderful excuse." I smiled. "Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it. If I had an ass like yours, I'd wear booty shorts every day of my life." Zayn added.

"Ok, I'm done with this conversation." I said. "Go talk to them. Oh yeah, that other kid is Liam." Zayn said. "I know that." I smiled. I got up, and walked backwards towards them. I pointed to them threateningly. They laughed, and I turned back around.

     ~Zayn's P.O.V~

"She does have a nice ass." Harry says again. I laugh. "She does." I smiled, looked to her, talking awkwardly to the two boys. "I think, I might like her." he broke to me. Wait, what. I didn't know what to respond. I liked her as well. But, I was a quiet person when it came to my bestfriend fancing the same girl I did. But something was different about Crystabelle. I never felt like this about a girl.

"I, fancy her as well." I looked to him. "Oh mate, I'm sorry." he said. "Naw, it's fine. You can have her." I said. He'd get her anyway. I knew it.

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