The day I first met you

Emma was just a ordinary girl but when she goes to work, she gets a surprise she never thought she would ever get!!


15. WHAT!!!!!!!!!??????


Emma's P.O.V.


When we pulled up in Harry's drive way i was like really!!?? And then he told me he had a surprise for me. I do not like surprises at ALL!!??? 


"Come on love!" He said leading me down the hall way. I was really getting freaked out now because it was really dark and I couldn't see him.


"I'm coming" I said. We got to the end of the hall and he told me to cover my eyes. He lead me into this room. He turned on the light and yelled SURPRISE!!!!!! When i opened my eyes there was right in front of me was a giant room that had everything we ever did with in the past 7 weeks. It had all the pictures, places, and my favorite part it had a back ground him and I. It was soooo sweet.


" Thankyou SOOOO much Harry I love you." And with that we had our first kiss......

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