The day I first met you

Emma was just a ordinary girl but when she goes to work, she gets a surprise she never thought she would ever get!!


12. SURGERY TIME!!!!????

Harry's P.O.V.

The doctor finally said I could go back and see her. They told me she was in room 413 I finally got to the front desk and told the doctor that I was here to see Emma Rae Green. They led me to her room. When I got in there she was in the bed watching tv. I mean there isn't a lot to do when your in the hospital. She greeted me with a smile. I was so happy she was okay.

"You might want to sit down I have some news." She said pointing to the seat beside her bed.

"Okay what is it??" I said never taking my eyes off of her.

"Harry I have to have surgery there are little pieces of the knife in my side and they have to remove them. Will you be okay?" She said looking deeply into my eyes.

"Yes will you be okay??" I asked her by now my eyes were glassy. I can't believe she has to have surgery.

Emma's P.O.V.

Harry's eyes were getting glassy now I felt bad for him. But I know we'll be ok. Right?? Yea we'll be ok. At least I think. But now is not the time to think negative I need to think positive.

*********************************************1 day later*******************************************************

It was now the day of surgery. I was so scared I've never had surgery before. Harry walked beside the gurney when I was being wheeled down. I went in the operating room and was left alone until the surgery in a few minutes.......
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