The day I first met you

Emma was just a ordinary girl but when she goes to work, she gets a surprise she never thought she would ever get!!


13. long time waiting. Is she ok??

Harry's P.O.V.

When she went into surgery I had to wait in the waiting room for a long, long, long time. A few hours later all the doctors came out pushing the gurney that Emma was on and taking her to another room. So I went up to the doctors and asked what was going on. They said that one part of the knife went up the a bloodstream to her heart and punctured it and made it stop. I was trying to see what was going on I was trying to get up next to the gurney but doctors kept pushing me back and soon I was tired. So I just gave up hope. As I sat back down I heard your name being called over and over and over again. I went to the front desk to ask if she was going to be okay and then I heard a large buzzing sound in the room she was. I look into the window and there were lots of doctors around her way with reviving things trying to zap her. I wanted to going so bad but I knew I could and I would just be put away and get tired again. So I waited.

Emma's P.O.V.

When I woke up Harry was in the chair next my bed.

"Are you ok love???" He said. I tried to say something but nothing came out. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and wrote.

"I can't speak can you go get the doctor and see if he can help?" He went out to find a doctor. The doctor said that I wouldn't have my voice for a couple of days. Harry and the doctor went outside to talk and let's just say, I overheard Harry talking.

"Will she be ok?" Is what he said.
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