The day I first met you

Emma was just a ordinary girl but when she goes to work, she gets a surprise she never thought she would ever get!!


7. Dinner

It was now Wednesday night. I was really nervous for this date. What if he doesn't like me as much as he thought he did? What if this date doesn't go well? What if they don't like me? I need to stop thinking negative all I can do is think positive so I did. I was wearing a knee high yellow strapless dress and silver sparky heels.

"Knock knock." I heard st the door. I opened the door.

"Hello ready?" He said in his British accent.

"Ready!" I said heading to the car which really is a limo. Go figure.

"You look lovely tonight."

"Thank you you too."

"Thank you." He said. When we got to the resturaunt we ordered and almost as soon as we ordered we got our food. It was delicious... I mean it was really good. When our bill came Harry offered to pay of course I stepped in and said I would pay. So i ened up paying but it was ok I mean they brought me to a resturaunt. When the limo pulled up to my house Harry opened my door and walked me to the front door of my house. I looked up at Harry to see him looking every deeply into my eyes.

"Emma." was all he said.
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