The day I first met you

Emma was just a ordinary girl but when she goes to work, she gets a surprise she never thought she would ever get!!


2. Call me

Emma's P.O.V.
"I'll take Mountain Dew please". Said the curly haired one.
"I'll have dr. Pepper please." Said the one with a blond highlight.
"I'll have the mountain dewars you people call it." Said the one with a Bieber flip.
"No he won't he'll have sprite as well as me." Said the one with a buzz cut. And the one with the Bieber flip made a pouty face and crossed his arms.

"Fine......" Bieber flip said
"And I'll take diet coke please." Said a blond haired one.
"Ok let me get this straight I have a Mountain Dew, dr.pepper, two sprites, and a diet coke??" I said making sure I had the right thing down, because they had changed they're minds so may times.

"Yep." They all said at the same time.

"Ok I'll be right back with your drinks." I said and disappeared to the bar to get they're drinks. When I came back they all ordered they're food, and when I came back to get the bill I saw that the curly one well Harry had put his phone number in the bill and it read.
"Call me!!" Is what it read. I took it and smiling like a big goof and hoping no one saw me. I immediately looked at my watch and saw it was almost five o'clock. I told my manager Ella that I had to go and I had to get home or I was in trouble. I got up to the stop light and there was an accident ahead. I decided to take I short cut instead of going around it would just take longer if I went around. The short cut took me through an alley and then took me to Brook dr. where I live. When I got there I was one minute away from being late.
" thank you Jesus I'm not late." I said in my mind. Right when I got in the door I heard tire tracks and it wasn't my aunt.
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