Are You My Mother?

Jasmine loved the fact that her father was in a boyband. They were always on tour, she met new people, and her father was Niall Horan. What more could you ask for. But what she tries to find out out of everyone is who was her mother.


4. New Places, New Faces

I finnaly convinced Anna to come with me and I hopped out the wondow.  All I cared about right now was finding my mum.  I knew my dad would ground me forever for running away, but at least I would know who she was. 
"Jazz," Anna said, nudging me.
"Yes?" I said slowing down from running a whole mile.  Call me lazy, But I'm not the fastest or most energetic one for running.
"Where are we going to crash tonight? And how are we going to disquise ourselves?" she said worried. I forgot about that.  I had been so caught up in the moment that I didn't even think this out.
"I have some make up and things to make us look different," I said getting my bag.  We hid behind a bush and I grabbed a flashlight and began doing her make up.  This seemed so wild.  Just a hour ago I was in a bathroom with her begging her to come with me.  I really hope we find her.  
I finished Anna's make up and I was so tired.  I felt the flashlight on me when I was closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep.  You better not make me look like a fool Anna.

Jas was falling asleep and I decided to do her make up now.  How did this happen.  One second we were climbing out a window and now we were behind a bush, trying not to get caught.  I was making finishing touches and her phone started buzzing.  Her eyes flashed open and messed up her mascara.
"Well there goes all my hard work," I said laughing.  She picked up her phone and groaned.
"It's my dad. What do I do?" She said worried.
"Ignore it," I said. "If he knows where you are he will go nuts, not to mention Paul."
Paul was like a dad to me basically.  He loved me comming over and I always got along with his children.  One time one of them snook out to go to a dance, and it did not end well. I swear there was about three SWAT  vans around the city.  Not a pretty night.
"You're right," she said turning off her phone.
"You're seriously going to carry that phone with you whereever you go?" I said looking at her funny.
"Why not?" she said tossing it in the air a couple times.
"You know they have a GPS tracket on that thing," I said plopping down looking at the stars. 
"Shit!" she said throwing her phone in the lake.
"What the hell Jas?!" I said going for the phone.
"Let's face it.  The second they find us we'll be locked in our rooms forever," she said pulling me back.  Why did I agree on this.  I could be enjoying a hot cup of cocoa.  Oh and did I mention it was DECEMBER.  I was freezing my ass off.  We put our coats together and used the shrub as a pillow and went to sleep.  And let the Hunger Games begin...


I woke up to Jasmine shaking me.
"I'm up, I'm up," I said rubbing my eyes. 
"We gotta go.  You're getting texts from everybody and I think they're getting closer," she said worried.  I got up and grabbed the things.  We didn't have much time, and I knew someone who could take us in for today.  I started running and she didn't ask where we were going.  I decided to throw my phone too, I bet Paul had a tracker on it too.

It was a hour that the girls were in the bathroom, and I got worried.
"You sure she'll come out?" I asked Niall.  He paused for a minute and then went up to the counter.  I was fiddling with my thumbs and the next thing I know Niall is pacing back and forth around the resturant.
"Everything alright mate?" Liam said worried.
"She's gone," he said lowly. 
"W-what?!" we all said in unison.
"I'm calling Paul," Niall said scared.  I've never seen Niall like this.  She was looking for her mum.  Dammit.  If I would of told her she wouldn't of run away.  Please come back girls.

I was following Anna for about two hours now and it felt like I was about to pass out.
"Hold on one sec Anna, I'm getting dizzy," I said sitting down. 
"Cmon we're almost there," she ssid pulling me.  I didn't budge, and she just picked me up and started running again.
"Damn you're heavy," she said laughing.
"Are we there yet?" I moaned.
"Yes," she said letting me fall on the ground.  I got up and dusted myself off, looking at the small house.
"This is the place?" I said taking a closer look at it. 
"Yup. Just lemme see if he's home," Anna said running up to the door.  I kicked a few pebbles and there was a nearby lake.  It was frozen over, of course.  I felt like a curious george today so I went over and slid on it.  It looked pretty strong, so I wasn't worried.
"JASMINE WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING GET OVER HERE YOU'LL FALL IN," Anna shouted over.  What a party pooper.  I huffed and tried to slide back over when I heard something crack.  Okay, if I try to get off quick I won't fall in.  I hurried and tried to beat the ice but it failed.  My toe touched the freezing water and at that moment I ran faster than ever.
"Cool down?" Anna said with a smirk on her face. 
"You know how cold that is?" I said pushing her playfully.  The door opened and a guy maybe my age was there.
"Cato!" Anna said hugging him.
"Hey! What's up?" he said putting his hands in his pockets.
"Can you keep us here for today? By the way, this is Jasmine," she said gesturing to me.  I have to admit, he was pretty cute.
"Hey, I'm Cato," he said smiling.  He seemed so familiar.
"Cato. No." Anna said staring him down.  What the hell was going on...

So this was my sister.  
"Hey, I'm Cato," I said.  I wanted to tell her that she was my sister. And I almost did.
"Cato. No." Anna said staring at me.  I sighed and showed them around the house.  Mum was at a baby shower, and Rick was sleeping.  I wish I could meet my real dad. It's not everyday your dad is a international pop star.  "Hey Jasmine, can I talk to you for a second?" I said.
"Sure," she chimed.  I led her to the living room and we sat down on opposite sides.
"So Niall Horan is your dad?" I said sipping my coke.
"Yeah.. my uncles remind me everyday," she said laughing.
"Uncles?" I asked.  I don't remember having uncles..
"When my dad was in his band he considered his mates his family and I've called them my uncles ever since I was little," she said munching on a cracker.  
"Ohh.. well are you up for some games?" I said grabbing a Wii remote  beside me.
"Of course! Do you know where Anna is?" she said looking around.
"I'll check," I said getting up.  I looked everywhere and I couldn't find her.  The phone rang, and I didn't recognize the number.
"Hello?" I said.
"Hello, is Jasmine there?" a Irish voice said shakily.
"Who is this?" I said with a pretty good idea who it was.
"Niall Horan.. her father," he said.  I was talking to dad.

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