Are You My Mother?

Jasmine loved the fact that her father was in a boyband. They were always on tour, she met new people, and her father was Niall Horan. What more could you ask for. But what she tries to find out out of everyone is who was her mother.


5. Meet and Greet

I have officially lost my mind.  I decided to call the home phone to see if Jasmine wandered off to her house. 
"Hello?" a boy answered.
"Hello, is Jasmine there?" I said hopeless.
"Who is this?" he said curiously.
"Niall... her father," I said.  There was a pause that seemed to last for hours.
"Dad?!" he finally said. 
"Cato?!" I said overwhelmed.  
"Mom is out right now, but I can't belive this!" he exclaimed.
"Wanna go grab some food?" I said laughing.
"Sure, where?" he said.
"Cafe on the corner?" I said grabbing the keys.  It was about 30 minutes away but closer to him.
"Sure, bye," he said hanging up.  I forgot to ask about Jasmine again.  Crap.  I went out to the car, on my way to see my son.



"ANNA I'M GOING FOR A WHILE," I shouted. I grabbed my coat and ran out the door.  I heard the door open again and it was Jasmine.
"Where ya goin'?" she said cathing up to me.
"Just going to go to Cafe on the corner," I said.  How ackward would it be if she came with me and saw her dad.
"Can I come?" she said begging. 
"Finee, but be open to suprises today," I said chuckling.  She looked at me funny then we walked for about five minutes talking about dad. Of course she didn't know I was her brother.. yet.  I opened the door for her and he wasn't there yet.
"I'll be right back," she said going to the bathroom.  I nodded and went to order.
"One coke and a coffee I guess," I said pulling out my wallet.
"I'll get that," a voice said beside me.  I looked up and it was dad. 
"Dad!" I said giving him a hug.
"What's up?" he said messing up my hair.
"Nothing much," I said sitting at a table.  I bursted out laughing and he looked at me funny.
"Just so many suprises today," I said playing on my phone.
"Hey, about what I asked you before, have you seen your sister?" he said lowly.  I hesitated a bit.  I wanted to tell her she was here.  But that would ruin the suprise.  I heard the bathroom door open and I turned around.  Jasmine was in a state of shock, and so was my dad.  I went up to her and tried to get her to snap out of it.
"Earth to Jasminee," I said snapping my fingers in front of her.
"Y-your my brother?!" she said looking at me.  I nodded and she hugged me so hard.  Need air. She finally let go and dad came right next to me.
"You had me worried sick," he said angrily.
"Well I knew you weren't going to introduce me to mom and Anna said she would help," she said.  My phone was ringing and this situation was a bit ackward for me. 
"Hello?" I said.
"Is this Cato?" a person asked.
"Yes," I said, "who is this?" 
"Your mom was going home from the party and she.. wandered off.  We can't find her and we were wondering if you knew where she was," the person said.  My mom wandered off again.  When she left dad, everyone told me she was going mad.  I hung up and fell to the floor.  Not again mum, just come here. 
"Cato?! Are you okay?" Jasmine said pulling me up.
"Mom... she's gone again," I said  feeling weak.
"What happened?" dad said worried.
"She wandered off.. like before," I said trying to keep the tears out my eyes.
"It's alright, we'll find her buddy," dad said scruffeling my hair.  So many things happening today. 


It's alright, we'll find her buddy," I said  messing up his hair.  I think we were all in a state of shock right now.  I remember the last time she lost it and went wandering.  It was when all those rumors were out about me and Demi.  When I found her she was at the Nando's we met at, and she was in a breakdown.

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