Are You My Mother?

Jasmine loved the fact that her father was in a boyband. They were always on tour, she met new people, and her father was Niall Horan. What more could you ask for. But what she tries to find out out of everyone is who was her mother.


3. False Alarm

"Is that all you want?" the woman said.
"Whatever the three who walked in want," my dad said.  OH. IT WAS THE WAITRESS. NEVERMIND.  
"Jasmine!" the manager said comming from the back.
"Hey Mindy!" I shouted back.  She always knew what I wanted here.  I sat down next to Uncle Louis and talked a bit. 
"So rumor has it you were at the library," Louis said cheekily.
"Yup," I said proudly.  He pretended to gasp and we laughed it off. I looked over at my dad who was eating the hell out of the peri peri chicken.
"In a food competition?" I asked laughing. He just kept on eating. FINE THEN IGNORE YOUR DAUGHTER. 
The waitress came around again and she looked so familiar.  Zayn was suspiciouly nice around her, and my dad was just brushing her off.  I followed her when she walked away and I could tell she thought I was crazy. 
"C-can I help you with anything?" she said looking at me.  I hesitated and grabbed a picture I snook from my dad.  
"Was this you?" I said putting it in her hand. 
"Oh no, that was my best fr-" she said cutting off her sentence.  I felt my dad behind me. Shit.  I rushed to the bathroom and pulled out my phone.  Since I was pretty much dead, I texted Anna to come here.  Now he was just going to shield me from finding her even more.

Jasmine was talking to Olivia, and I knew this was trouble.  I put down my food and quickly  came over there and gave her a stern look. Jasmine went to the bathroom and I knew she wasn't comming out.
"I-i thought she knew," Olivia said studdering.
"It's fine, I just don't know when to tell her," I said sighing. 

I got a text from Jasmine to come in the bathroom. AND I JUST STARTED EATING. Awesome timing.  I got up and headed to the bathroom.  Jasmine was pacing back and forth. 
"I have a plan," she said with a creepy smile on her face.
"That is..?" I said sitting on the counter. 
"If we run away now, we can find my mom and everything will fall in place," she said cheerfully.
"I'm not in," I said.
"Whyy notttt it will be funn," she whined. 
"You don't even know who she is!" I protested. 
"We'll figure it out, and plus it can't fail that bad.. think of it as an adventure," she said pleading.  I haven't really taken many risks in my life.  I guess it's time to start. 
"Fine. But the second we find her we come back," I huffed.
"Yay!" she sqeaked, "now follow me out this window so we don't get caught."
I hopped out the window, following her to who knows where.

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