Are You My Mother?

Jasmine loved the fact that her father was in a boyband. They were always on tour, she met new people, and her father was Niall Horan. What more could you ask for. But what she tries to find out out of everyone is who was her mother.


1. Alarm


Jasmine's POV

'Oh how I wish that was me'

I turned off my alarm and rolled out of bed.  I grabbed a pretty green dress and headed for the bathroom.  Nothing much on the agenda today, just an interview and watching TV.  I put on some chap stick and walked out the bathroom.

"Morning," I said to Uncle Liam.

"Ready for the interview?" he asked.

"I thought I was just going to stand in the background and listen to music," I whined.  He just smiled and continued eating a poptart. 

It sucks not having and siblings or cousins.  People always tell me they would do anything to be an only child, but c'mon.  No one to  fight with, no one to share secrets with.  Hell. Now that I think about it my uncles sound like my siblings.  I grabbed a bowl and looked for some cereal.

"Hey Jazz," Uncle Zayn said, popping into the room.  Uncle Zayn was so much like me.  He understood my rough times when no one else did.

"Hey DJ Malik," I said snickering.  It wasn't hard to find out information about them.  Google is my best friend.  He just smiled and ruffled my hair.  I went back on my phone and tried to find out who my mother was for the millionth time.  My dad wouldn't tell me, nor my Uncles, and even the internet didn't know.

"Please tell me, I promise I won't tell anyone you told me," I said hugging Zayn.

"No luck," he said smiling.

"Why won't anyone tell me," I said angrily.

"1. Niall would kill me. 2. I'm not sure you're ready," he said sipping his coffee.  One way or another.  I will find out who she is.


Haii comment what you think? Sorry I haven't updated my other books recently, exams are a pain >.<  baii loves,


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