Nandos to Nialler


1. staker

“Please, please, please come with me Kaylee” Lexi wined
 “No why should I watch 5 boys try to sing it’s enough I hear you talk about them 24/7”

Lexi and I have been best friends since we were born my mom and her mom shared the same birthing room 53A and I’m 5 minutes older than her, Were 16 years old now 13 years ago Lexi’s mom died of cancer 2 years ago her dad couldn’t take it anymore and he ended his own life, he wrote a letter to my parents to look after Lexi.

“WHY please I already paid for the tickets your parents said I need somebody to go with please” she looked like she was going to cry how bad this fandom there is causing frenzy.

“When’s the concert and what time.”

she sounded exited but scared to tell me this information “Kaylee its 3pm to 5pm ok doors open 2pm for us we got sound check and its today”

“What Lexi I have to work we have to be there In 30 minutes hurry ill call my boss”

she let out a big smile and hugged me and ran upstairs I quickly got changed ran downstairs.

Beep BEEP BEEP BEEP my car rang it was Lexi
“hurry chop chop “

I got in the car as we drove to the venue I see girls my age with banners that say I love Harrys gravy what does that even mean?
girls my age crying and I thought Lexi was bad looks at them.

“Hurry please” she gave me this look like it was like it was the end of the world was ending.

“OK calm your tits Lex”

We walked through the doors and this lady directed us to the front of the stage when all of the girls where there it began all of them where crying while I was counting down every single minute 5 boys walked up on the stage they were pretty cute BUT I dislike them what they turned Lexi into I think it’s called a directioner I don’t Know but I hate that species.

In a British accent “Thank you for coming have fun” the tan one said

Hey all I know is the blonde one the tan one and the triplets, they started singing this sexual song it was like I want you to rock me it was weird the blonde one couldn’t stop looking at me.

“Kaylee Niall can’t stop getting his blue eyes of you”
“Wait what who’s Niall”
“ OMG the blonde Irish one”

I looked at Niall he winked back and smiled.

I gave her my wtf face after 10 song it was finished well I seen things I never want to see in my life like 12 year olds flashing I’m lost for words, we went to the car


“Wow I love you Kayee” she never sounded this happy ever

“ I know you owe me anyway ill  drop you home get changed and straight to work”

“ Ok you should marry nandos Mrs Kaylee Nandos you freak”

I gave her a look “ hey it’s the best food in the world next to pizza.”

“Sorry Luke im late” giving my boss a pity look

“it’s ok you’re still my best employee your on orders ok”

“sure I gave him a big smile”

today things were running low so I decided to help the chief cook me chicken.

“Kaylee” my boss screamed

I ran towards him very shocked “yeah sorry I was helping the chief”

“Its ok we got customers” and he gave me this scary smile

“ Hi welcome to nan--- wait your”

“ yup one direction” the curly one said

“ are you guys stalking me or purposely ruining my life” I tried to tell them softly

“ No sweetheart” the bald one said

“anyway here’s you’re menus I’ll be right back”

I could not believe it I was very creped out but then I had to go over to them.

“So what would you like for you drinks?”

“ I’ll have a “Pepsi” Niall said while giving me a wink “ your that girl from the concert aye”

all of them looked at me like I was an obsessed fan

“ Wait Niall that brunet with red streaks and brown eyes is her the one you’ve been talking about on the way here”

I let out a smile “ and the rest of the drinks”

sprite- the tan one
Pepsi- suspenders
diet coke- curls
water- bald one
pepsi- niall

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