1. My wedding

I walked down the aisle in a long flowy wedding dress it was perfect. I completely blocked out every word everybody said and when "you may now kiss the bride" was said, We kissed Sparks flew and Harry and I were married i couldn't help but smile "I love you" I told him "I love you too" he replied. When we got back to our new home, I sat down on the couch still in the dress and told Harry to make me a sandwich,instead he gave me ice cream but I really didn't care all i wanted was food. After I ate i ran upstairs and got changed "now where are we going?" I asked him "Hawaii, maybe" He said, I layed down on our bed and thought about the party that was going on 'be there or be square' what she said to me kept on repeating in my head "I guess I'll have to be square" I said getting up "What?" Harry asked "oh, nothing" i said walking away. I had all my stuff packed and I was heading to our car then I remembered about Aunt Carrie so i called her "Hello" Aunt Carrie answered "Hi, Aunt Carrie i wanted to let you know-" she cut me off "Let me know what? that your married?" She said "well,yeah" i said, Aunt Carrie hung up on me when I said yeah, But I didn't care,I have changed,I am now Mrs.Styles "ready?" Harry asked "ready" I nodded.

-Harry's POV- We drove to the airport and got on the plane "Hawaii here we come" Shay said as the plane was leaving. -At Hawaii- We arrived at our beach house and went in "OHM-GEE" Shay yelled "It's huge!" she said sitting down on the couch "I know right!" I said sitting down next to her "how did you afford this!?" she screamed as she was running up the stairs "I don't know ask Gemma!" I said running after her, when she got upstairs she saw a whole room with a view, "best day ever" she said laying down onto our bed, After that she ran outside onto the beach and sat down on the sand and called me over "Harry get over here!" I didn't argue and sat down beside her "this is such a perfect day" she said smiling at me.

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