Is it possible?

Hey, this is my first movella hope you like it.

Hey im Shay, i moved to Holmes Chapel, Cheshire when my parents died. I bumped into a guy with beautiful green eyes, but i don't know his name


6. Prom!

After Hale reminded me about prom we went our separate ways and got dressed i got my cute tight, long coral dress and some coral heels and put them on of course harry picked me up "well hello miss sea world!" harry teased me "does it really look that bad?" i asked walking towards him "no it looks really good on you!" he laughed. We got to prom and looks like everybody was having fun. We made our way to Haley and Louis "hey Hale, Hey Lou" I say "Hey" -Harry's POV- We danced, We laughed, We left to a bar "hey there cutie" some man said to Shay "um hi" Shay replied "how 'bout we get out of here just you and me you know" the man winked at her "get away from her you creep" i yelled at him "who is this your son?" he asked pointing to me "no I'm her boyfriend" I yelled "come on baby let's go" he said "I'm sorry if you don't leave me alone im gonna call the cops" Shay said taking out her phone "whoa sorry i was just looking for some love but your son ruined it" he said "hes not my son im 18 and in a relationship!" she yelled and ran out with me. "well that was crazy we should get out of here" Harry laughs "yeah we should!"  harry drove me home and i put my pj's on and headed to bed.

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