Is it possible?

Hey, this is my first movella hope you like it.

Hey im Shay, i moved to Holmes Chapel, Cheshire when my parents died. I bumped into a guy with beautiful green eyes, but i don't know his name


8. Mom? Dad?

I was ether dreaming or seeing things, I was watching TV when they called my parents "Now we have Dan and Daniella Marie!" the host said "AUNT CARRIE MOM DAD!" i yelled she came running and her mouth dropped too we drove to the talk show were i was escorted by a security guard to my parents "Mom? Dad?" i asked looking at them "S-Shay?" my mom asked looking at the ground, I put my hand on her shoulder when i fell right through her. I started crying when everybody there was laughing then the host said "their ghosts you stupid little girl!" That's when i woke up "it was a nightmare" i said "Shay!" i heard next to me "your awake" i look beside me slowly turning my head, I screamed,Weston is such a creep! aunt Carrie ran in and got Weston out of my room i texted harry and told him to get his but here now.He got here really quickly and i told him i had to move in with him. "why do you have to move in with me?" he asked me while i was packing "I'm seeing things and I'm pretty sure that this house is haunted" I said. I said goodbye to Aunt Carrie and drove back to Harry's, this is gonna be a long night. He showed me to my new room. We watched TV for the rest of the day until Gemma came home "Hey guys" Gemma waved "hey" Harry and I said. Gemma turned off the TV and told us to go out so we did "where do you want to go?" harry asked me "I don't know but what i do know is that it's gonna start raining!" i said "let's have a race to that playground over there" harry pointed "Let's go" I say getting ready "3...2...1 GO!" "I'm gonna beat you there" harry smirked, I beat him there and then we went back home "already 4:30 huh?" i asked checking the time "yup!"

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