Is it possible?

Hey, this is my first movella hope you like it.

Hey im Shay, i moved to Holmes Chapel, Cheshire when my parents died. I bumped into a guy with beautiful green eyes, but i don't know his name


3. In Love with my best friend

-Harry's POV-  Shay and i had become the best of friends and we always hang out after school but I think I'm really falling for her. -at school- "Harry! hi" "hey" i was putting all my stuff in my locker as i asked her "Do you have any plans for tonight?" I asked quietly "no i don't why?" she replied "i was wondering if you want to go out to dinner tonight?" "sure! what time?" "I'll pick you up at 7:00 for some Italian" "ok" "wear something nice" "you know it!" she said. Looking nice wasn't my best subject so i got some help from Gemma. "here wear these grey skinnies, this shirt and this jacket" "shoes?" i asked "sneakers, duh!" i got dressed and left around 6:30. I knocked on her door and it opened left for me to find shay in a short white dress with long sleeves "ready?" "yup!" we drove to the Italian place and ordered. I kept staring at her beautiful Blue eyes. "does my hair look okay? i kinda rushed" "it looks perfect" Her dirty blonde hair curled a little made her look amazing! I am really falling for her but is it possible that she will love me too? -Shay's POV- Harry drove me home after dinner. He opened the car door for me what a gentle men "thanks for dinner" i turned around "no problem" he said leaning in for a kiss. He wanted a kiss well he got it because i kissed back, I knew harry wouldn't stop and Carrie wasn't home so i opened the door and he pushed me down to the couch and we kissed for a while until he remembered Gemma was waiting for him "sorry that got out of hand. Can i stay over for the night?" "sure, I don't mind" he called Gemma and she came and gave him some sweats and a beanie for his mess of hair. We both fell asleep right away. The next morning i woke up to harry watching TV "good morning love" he said in his sexy morning voice "morning" i replied and then looked at the time "Harry you have to leave now!" i screamed "why?" "Aunt Carrie comes back in 20 minutes!" "oh okay see you later?" "maybe" we both got dressed and ran downstairs before leaving he turned around and kissed me on the cheek. Wow I'm in love with my best friend.

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