Is it possible?

Hey, this is my first movella hope you like it.

Hey im Shay, i moved to Holmes Chapel, Cheshire when my parents died. I bumped into a guy with beautiful green eyes, but i don't know his name


10. I'm a joke

I woke up very early to get ready. Once i had my bags packed i left to the airport. I met a girl on the plane "hello, may I sit here?" I asked her "yeah" she replied "My name is Shaylynn but you can call me Shay" I introduced myself "I'm Skylar, But people call me Skys" she said putting her hand in front of her, I shook her hand and listened to music but all I come think of is harry, harry and all his tattoos and whenever i looked at my wrist it reminded me of harry. Once I got off of the plane. I met my favorite Uncle there "Uncle Tank!" we called him Tank but his real name is Thompson, I missed him so much "Shay Shay!" Uncle Tank exclaimed, "can i have your phone for a second?" he asked me "sure" i said unlocking and handing him my Iphone "who is this? your boyfriend?" he asked me in a jersey shore accent "yeah that's him" i said almost bursting into tears "why did you leave him?" he asked me handing back my phone "He went on tour" I said. when we got to my old house where i lived with my parents, I ran into my old room and jumped onto my bed remembering all the times my mom read me bed time stories. I layed my head on my pillow and sighed, I miss my parents just enough for myself to go crazy, I decided to go outside and party with my neighbors,there was a block party. I saw that girl Skys, so I decided to go and talk to her. "hey, nice to see you again" i said "oh hey, so your that new kid that moved here right?" she asked pointing to my house "actually i lived here before" I said "oh really, are you the girl who's parents died?" she asked me "yeah, I am" I said tearing up, then i walked back to my doorstep and sat down, when i looked at my screen saver,I wanted to go back but i couldn't. I ran back inside and into my room, I called harry and waited. "Voice mail!" I yelled and threw my phone on my bed. I sat down, I couldn't help but cry, I missed him so much. I eventually cried myself to sleep.



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