Is it possible?

Hey, this is my first movella hope you like it.

Hey im Shay, i moved to Holmes Chapel, Cheshire when my parents died. I bumped into a guy with beautiful green eyes, but i don't know his name


2. Harry?

"Saturday! yes!!!" i yelled "Shay, we need to talk" Carrie said while i was coming down stairs in my pj's "okay.." i said confused "today we're gonna go to my best friends house her name is Jenna, she has a son and a daughter, Harry and Gemma be nice okay?" Carrie said in a really happy voice "okay, what time?" "6:30". 5:30 i got dressed in a cute,tight, strapless, short black dress and some black pumps with my hair curled at the bottom "Shay,you ready?" "Yeah just a second" i put in cute little heart earrings and went downstairs "look at you! all gussied up!" "well are we gonna go?" When we got there we were greeted by a 21 year old "Hi Carrie!" "Hello Gemma, This my niece Shay. Shay this is Gemma" "nice to meet you Shay" i shook her hand and she welcomed us in "Mom, Harry, Boys!" 'Boys' i thought in my head. "Jenna! meet my niece Shay" "hello Shay" "hi" i said shyly. We all went to their living room and talked until i heard someone in the kitchen I slowly walked into the kitchen and say "hello i believe we have met before" "we have" i smiled to the cute by with blonde hair behind him, he blushed a little the boy standing next to him cleared his throat "Harry are you done staring at her?" he asked i giggled a little "Shay right?" "correct" i nodded "this is Niall" he pointed to the cute blonde "Liam and Zayn" "and Louis" i was greeted with all Hi's then Louis yelled "let's play truth or dare!" Harry grabbed a coke bottle and ran to his backyard i followed and we all sat down around the camp fire and harry spun it landed on me "Shay truth or dare" "hm Dare!" Louis whispered in his ear "okay i dare you to kiss Niall!" "um" i was a little scared "what? are you a chicken?" Louis asked me "no im not a chicken" then i grabbed Niall (which was sitting beside me) by the shirt and kissed him i spun next "Louis truth or dare?" right then and there Aunt Carrie said we had to go. "well at least you got a kiss out of it!" Liam Nudged me in arm "How 'bout that kiss Niall"  Zayn joked. After i said my goodbyes,i got in the car and suddenly everything got awkward "so. who was that boy that you kissed" Aunt Carrie asked "It was a dare and that was Niall" we got home and i fell asleep on the couch.


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