I would

A Harry styles fanfic. Ana is an ordinary girl that thought that had the perfect boyfriend. Harry is in love with Ana but he thinks that he is not enough for Ana .
Jake is Ana's boyfriend and he doesnt treat her the way she deserves.


2. 5 months

ana's pov:

today is the day i thought to myself. today is my 5 month aniversary with Jake. he told me he would give the best day ever, a day i will never forget.

i asked harry to to take me to the mall i need new clothes for my date. 


Harrys POV:

 ana called me, and i think im gonna take her to the mall. today is her 5 month aniversary with jake. i HATE that guy, he doesnt treat her correctly, he doesnt love her, treat her like i would. 

it is 12:00pm and i have to take ana to the mall, i am allways trying to see that her and jake arnt meant to be, but she doesnt listen, she says he is very handsome, he loves her so much, and shit like that. 


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