My Brother Harry Styles (Sequel to Family Secret)

This is the life of Victoria kelly how her life got turned around after she found out she was the sister of one of the most famous people out there the one and only...
Harry Styles.
This is the sequel to Family Secret


4. Truth or Dare

Victoria P.O.V.

"Victoria! Victoria! Victoria!" Someone started yelling at me the next thing I knew I felt something hit my face. Did someone just slap me? I opened my eyes to see a smirking Harry. Haha I know what to do when he wasent looking I kicked him. He fell to the ground.

"Oh my balls" Harry said in a really high voice. I started to laugh. He got up and he it my arm and I hit him back.

"Ok you guys stop" Louis said. Breaking us up.

"So why did you wake me up?" I said.

"Well we got bored and we wanted to play a game" Louis said. I looked over to see all the boys sitting down looking me.

"Fine whatever" I said. All of the boys were happy. We all sat down in a circle.

"So what game are we playing?" I asked.

"Truth or Dare" Niall yelled out excitedly. I laughed at him excitement and he just did a pouty face.

"I'll go first! Niall truth or dare?" Louis asked.

"Dare" Niall said.

"I dare to take off your pants and run around yelling im a big fat idiot" Louis said.

"That's easy" Niall said while taking off his pants and he started to run around, Harry grabbed his pants and threw them to me and I hid them underneath a seat. Niall came back.

"Where are my pants?"

Everyone just looked at each other trying to hold back a laugh.

"Whatever" Niall sat down in his boxers and we continued.

"Victoria truth or dare?" Liam asked me.


"Do you still have feelings for Harry?" He asked.

I went with a completely honest answer
"Well when we were dating obviously it was true love and I did love him and I still do but in a little brother way now" 

Harry just nodded his head.

"Oh okay" Liam said. We continued playing and it came to me again.

"Victoria truth or dare?" Louis asked me.

"I'll go with dare" I said.

"I dare you to take off your shirt and go over there and kiss Niall" Louis said. All the boys looked at me and my eyes were wide open.

"Awe fuck it a dare is a dare" I took off my shirt and all the boys cheered and i noticed yes don't worry i was wearing a bra but a laced one and all the boys were looking i swear they are such perverts. I looked over at Niall and he was smiling i walked over to him and like straddled him and kissed him and i was running my hands through his hair. Not going to lie i love Niall but i didn't feel anything it was just like any other kiss. I felt something poking me and I noticed Niall was only in his boxers and i saw his tent build in his boxers.

"Really Niall?" I said.

"What a hot topless girl is on me?" Niall said. I just laughed and got off of him and went back to where i was and I found my top and put it on. All of the boys booed.

"You guys are such perverts i swear. Hey wheres Zayn?" I asked.

"Bathroom he said seeing you without any top would be kind if bad since he has a girlfriend and all" Louis said.

"Well don't you fell bad since you have a girlfriend too?" I said. Louis just put his head down. 

"Oh my gosh Louis what happened?" I asked while i walked over to him. 

"Can we talk somewhere private?" Louis whispered in my ear. I just nodded my head and i got up and followed him. 

Louis P.O.V.

Earlier i was looking through my phone and i saw this photo of Eleanor with this guy kissing and I got mad but before i did anything i regretted i called her and she told me that it wasn't working out and that we should move on and i was heart broken. I didn't want the other boys to know because everybody thought we were like the cutest couple and we would get married some day. I pulled Victoria into a room that was away from the other boys and i told her everything that happened. 

"Awe that's horrible" She said and she pulled me into a hug. 

"Well its her loss because you are a great guy Louis" I said. I smiled down at her she was so cute and i can always trust her. I leaned down and she looked up at me, so close until.

"Hey do you guys know where my pan- WOAH!" Niall said and me and Victoria jumped back. 

Niall P.O.V.

Me and the boys were just sitting there.

"I wonder what happened with Louis" Harry said. 

"Yeah why would he tell Victoria over us?" Liam said.

"Anyways nice on Niall getting hard on my sister" harry said to me. 

I mean she was hot and stuff but i didn't fell anything in the kiss and i was hoping Victoria felt the same way like don't get me wrong i love Victoria but in a best friend way. 

"Sorry she was hot and topless i was like defenseless" I said defending myself. 

The airport waitress or something like that came out and told us that we were going to be landing in like 10 minutes and i still didn't have my pants.

"Hey guys have you seen my pants?" I asked. They just shook their head and pointed to where Louis took Victoria. 

I got up and walked to there and i went in.

"Hey guys have you see my pan- WOAH!" I said. I walk in on them hugging and Louis had his head bent down like he was going to kiss her i didn't expect that. They jumped back.

"What would you like Nialler?" Victoria asked,

"Do you know where my pants are?" I asked. She walked by Louis and Louis gave me a look and i gave him a sorry one in return. I followed Victoria and she pulled them from the chair and threw them at me.

"Thanks" I said while putting them on. She smiled at me and then she went and sat beside Harry.

"SO what were you guys doing in there?" Harry asked Victoria. I just made kissy faces to Victoria she gave me a look like shut up or imma kill you and i just laughed. Harry must have saw me.

"LOUIS AND VICTORIA WERE KISSING!?" Harry asked surprised. Louis walked out and all the boys looked at him and he looked confused. 

Liam P.O.V.

What the hell Victoria and Louis were kissing i think i like Victoria still i mean like when she kissed Niall i just got so mad i just wanted to rip him off of her. Then i heard Louis and Victoria kissed and that just got me so jealous. I mean she was once mine and now shes not. 

Victoria P.O.V.

I don't know what happened back there with Louis i don;t like him i was just caught up in the moment hopefully he doesn't get the wrong idea. 

A/N: Ooooh so Louis and Victoria almost kissed. Liam is jealous. Tell me are you TeamViam or TeamVouis or TeamSingle. Comment below what you think and thank you for reading i love you.



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