My Brother Harry Styles (Sequel to Family Secret)

This is the life of Victoria kelly how her life got turned around after she found out she was the sister of one of the most famous people out there the one and only...
Harry Styles.
This is the sequel to Family Secret


3. Tellng the Boys

Victoria P.O.V.

I woke up and I looked beside me to see Harry sleeping beside me I really didn't care. I didn't want to wake him up but we had to get up.

"Harry!" I yelled, he must have got scared and he fell out of the bed I started to laugh.

"What the hell" Harry said.

"We have to get up now" I said.

I walked out of my room and went into Louis room and he was still lying in his bed. I jumped on him.

"Louis wake up" I shouted

"Im up Im up! no need to shout" Louis said all grumpy he was probably ad because I woke him up from his sleep.

"What time is it?" Louis asked. I looked down at my wrist.

"Your not even wearing a watch" Louis said. I just chuckled as I was walking out the door.

"you still never answered me what time is it" Louis said,

"Time to get out of bed" I said while walking into my room. What do I see a naked Harry.

"Eww Harry get some clothes on" I said while throwing a pillow at him and he turned around and caught the pillow and it touched his eww.

"Come on I know you like it" Harry said all cocky. I just walked out of the room thinking how I just saw my brothers dick oh gosh. I didn't even realize where I was going until I bumped into someone.

"Are you alright love?" Louis asked.

"Harry...Naked...Pillow...Eww" I mumbled still traumatized. Louis just laughed. Harry walked out wearing clothes this time thankfully.

"Happy" Harry said.

"Very" I said.

I went into the room to get ready lucky it was summer time and It wasn't going to be freezing when we were in Canada. I got changed into a blue crop top with a heart on it and it was showing my stomach but I didn't care and I wore short shorts and my blue vlados. I straightened my hair and I put on some mascara and eye liner and I was good. I got a text from Liam.

To: Victoria
Me and the rest of the boys are on our way to the flat be there in 10. :)
From: Liam

I wonder why he texted me and not Louis or Harry. Whatever.

To: Liam
K i'll tell Louis and Harry, see ya :)
From: Victoria

"THE REST OF THE BOYS WILL BE HERE IN 10 MINUTES!!!" I shouted to Louis and Harry. I walked out of the room and I saw Louis was now ready and so was Harry and they were just sitting there on the phones.

"Okay Harry we said we were going to tell the other boys but when are we" I said,

"Tell them about what?" Harry asked clearly confused I swear this boy I so clueless.

"You know the fact that I am like your long lost sister" I said. He just looked down admitting the fact that he looked dumb that he didn't get that.

"Since we are going on a private plane we will tell them then" Harry said. I just nodded my head and joined Harry to sit on the couch.

~ 10 minutes of doing nothing later ~

I heard a knock on the door so I went up and got it and I was attacked by a group hug of three boys.

"Hey guys" I said,

"Hi Victoria" They all said in usion. It's kind of creepy because they do that a lot its like they planned it weird anyways. They let go and we all just went in.

"Vas Happenin?" Zayn said and everyone started laughing. We were chilling and then there was another knock at the door and I opened it to see Paul standing there.

"Hi paul" I said.

"Hi. Come on you guys it's time to go" He said. All of the boys got up and got their luggage and I had the most out of anyone so Paul helped me with some of my things. We got to this car and we sat. I was sitting beside Liam and Niall, on the opposite side of us was Harry, Louis then Zayn. Me and Niall we into conversation about food and Zayn, Liam & Louis were talking about something else and Harry was just sitting on his phone.

After like half an hour we got to the airport and there were so many fans there. I was getting out of the car when I felt someone pull my hand. I turned to see Harry standing there.

"Listen none of the fans know about the whole thing with me and you and they still think we are dating so I don't want to tell them right know so when we got passed them act like we are still dating." Harry said.

"Yeah but kissing you would feel weird now" I said.

"Well you don't have to kiss me just like hold my hand and hug me and stuff like that" Harry said. I just nodded my head and we catched up with the other while we were holding hands and I saw Louis smirking at us. There were so many fans calling out all there names and I swear I was going to go deaf I mean like it's never like I've never seen the fans before but it was just so early and gahhh I want to go back to bed.

~ Skip the way into the airport ~

Harry P.O.V.

We were all sitting on the plane and I knew that we had to tell the other boys soon about me and Victoria. I looked over at Victoria who was sitting beside me and she just nodded her head. She got up and so did I.

"Okay everybody listen up" Victoria said,

This got all the boys attention and they were now staring at us. Victoria looked at me so I could start telling them

"Well me and Victoria are not longer a couple" I said and I saw al the boys look with total shock on their face.

"But what you guys were so in love and you were just holding hands like minutes ago" Niall said confused.

"Well we did it so not everyone would know" Victoria said,

"But why?" Zayn asked.

"Well it turns out that I was adopted" Victoria started and they all looked at her interested in what she had to say. "My name is now Victoria Kelly but when I was born my name was really Gemma Styles" Victoria finished off, the rest of the boys jaws literally dropped to the ground and I bet they were not expecting that.

"So now tell me how all of this happened?" Louis said.

"Well..." I explained the whole entire story to us.

When I was done the boys understood and some of them still looked kind of confused and stuff but don't worry they will get it sooner or later.

"Wait so this means Victoria is single" Niall said really eager.

"I am as single as a half eaten popsicle" Victoria said and everyone started to laugh at her stupid little remark.

"Now I see it you look like Harry and you have the ability to making the stupidest jokes ever like Harry" Louis said. Everyone was still laughing but me and Victoria looked at Louis all serious.

"I have an idea" Victoria said.

"What?" I asked,

"Ok so you guys all sit on the couch" She said the couch was big enough to fit all of us thank god because that was one of our many problems fitting on a couch. So we all did and before we could ask why see layed on us.

"Well I woke up early and I am tired so wake me up when were in Canada good night" Victoria said. Louis held up his finger counting down to one from three and when he did we all got up at the same time and Victoria fell off of us and onto the floor.

"Hey that hurt" She said while rubbing her bum.

"Aww do you want me to kiss it better?" Louis asked.

"Aww do you want me to tell your girlfriend?" She said back. Louis gave a look like never mind I just laughed and Victoria just layed where on the ground what a weird girl. I picked her up and put her on a chair to sleep but one of those really comfy chairs.

"Have a good sleep sis" I said,

"Good night bro" She said.

"Victoria it's like 11:00 am" I said. She roller her eyes and then closed them i joined the rest of the boys  and i noticed that Zayn was already sleeping.  Niall and Liam were talking and Louis was just on his phone so i decided to go for a little nap.

A/N: I fell so bad because I never did a chapter in so long i had writer block and had no clew what to write an since i wrote my other chapter before Christmas forgot to tell you a Merry Christmas but it's more closer now so Happy New Year. So comment below what you think of the chapter and thank you for reading I love you.


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