My Brother Harry Styles (Sequel to Family Secret)

This is the life of Victoria kelly how her life got turned around after she found out she was the sister of one of the most famous people out there the one and only...
Harry Styles.
This is the sequel to Family Secret


13. Talking

Victoria's P.O.V.

I woke up and I looked around noticing that this wasn't my small apartment from London, but my old room and a small smile crept onto my face. Also remembering my wonderful date with Louis yesterday, i really like him. I swung my feet to the side of my bed and I stretched my arms smiling and I looked over at my alarm clock to tell me it was 9:00am and I was surprised i was usually never out of bed this early unless i had to be. Then it hit me the sweet smell of my dad's cooking, I ran downstairs to see my dad standing over the stove cooking bacon and eggs. I smiled.

"Good morning Daddy"  I said.

"What got you in such a great mood today?" He asked looking at me. I just shrugged and smiled even bigger. A small chuckle escaped from his mouth. I went and sat down at the table and he put some food on my plate while he sat down across from me doing the same. 

"So honey what are you planning on doing today?" My father asked me. 

"Louis invited to their concert tonight so i have that" I replied and smiling when i said Louis name. He just nodded his head and continuing eating his breakfast. My mom wasn't here but i didn't think to much of it she probably went to work or something. After i was finished eating my breakfast i skipped up the stairs to get ready for the day ahead. When i reached my room i went to the bathroom and i looked like a mess i'm surprised that my dad didn't make a comment. I just shrugged off the thought and I went and turned on the shower. I started to undress and i stepped into the nice hot shower. I let the hot water hit by body and it felt so nice, i washed my hair and the rest of my body. After i was done my shower i got out instantly missing the nice hot water on my body instead i got a cool breeze. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body and walked into my room. I went and checked my phone and i see i had 2 text messages both of them where from Louis.

To: Victoria
Good Morning Beautiful xx
From: BooBear

What i heard the other boys call him that and i thought it was cute. I wonder what i was saved as in his phone...Victoria not important.

To: Victoria
Hey want to hang out with us today. I want to see your beautiful face.
From: BooBear

He was so cute.

To: BooBear
Good morning handsome xx
From: Victoria 

To: BooBear
What are we doing today?
From: Victoria

I waited and like 2 minutes later i got a text from Louis.

To: Victoria
The boys wanted to go out before the concert and i wanted my lovely girlfriend to come and i'm sure the rest of the boys won't mind you coming. Plus Jully is feeling sick so she's not coming. 
From: BooBear

To: BooBear
Yeah I'll come. 
From: Victoria 

To: Victoria 
Kay see you in a bit
From: BooBear

I smiled i'm so lucky to have a guy like Louis. Then i remembered that i was naked I quickly found my bag. I started to get dressed. I was wearing light pink ripped skinny jeans, a blue t-shirt that said Aeropostal in big writing in pink and my blue converse. I went and got my blowdryer and i dried my hair and they feel into my natural curls. I went and put on some mascara i was never big on wearing a lot of make up. After i was done and i smiled at my reflection in the mirror and i got my phone to see that it was 11:00am. The concert didn't start until 7:30. I went and i got out my phone to call Louis. He answered right away.

"Hey babe" Louis said.


"What's up?" He asked. 

"Well i know it's kind of early still but I'm ready maybe you and the boys could come and hang out here for a while if you want" I said hoping he would say yes.

"Sure I'll go tell the boys, We should be there in about 15, love" Louis said. 

"Okay can't want to see you" I said. Then i hung up and i went downstairs. 

"DAD!" I yelled and nothing happened i guess he went to work. I wonder what he would say about me staying in a house full of boys oh well sorry dad.  

I was just sitting on the couch watching some random show until i heard a knock on the door. I got up and went to the door and i opened it to be in a bone crushing hug from all of the boys, oh how i miss them. They finally pulled away and Harry came up to me. 

"How's it going sis?" He said,

"Harry i heard you have been doing some naughty things" I said and he just smirked. 

"Harry get that smirk off your face before i slap it off" I said totally serious looking.

"Woah, Louis come control your girlfriend" Harry said. Louis came over to me wrapping me in a hug and giving me a nice soft kiss. 

"Better?" Harry asked. 

"Yeah but i could still kick your ass" I said. He put his hands up in defense and sat with the other boys on the couch. I grabbed Louis hand and we walked into the living room. Harry was sitting on one couch. Liam was staring at the tv and i noticed that toy story was on typical Liam. Zayn was sitting there sad, i would have to ask him about that later. Niall was sitting there with pizza? I didn't know we and pizza what the fu- ugh whatever. I saw Louis sit down beside Harry and i was about to sit beside him until he pulled me onto his lap and i had no problem with that. My phone did a little ding telling me i got a text. 

To: Victoria
You still never told me how you and Louis date went and i want details
From: Ashley 

To: Ashley
Sorry, i forgot you can come over if you want. The boys are here
From: Victoria

To: Victoria
Is Zayn there?
From: Ashley 

To: Ashley 
You're going to have to talk to him eventually
From: Victoria

To: Victoria
Fine I'll be over in 10
From: Ashley 

I smiled to myself. "Who was that?" Louis asked.

"Ashley she'll be over in like 10 minutes" I said so everyone heard. I saw Zayn's head snap up and he looked kind of nervous. 

"Zayn come with me" I said. 

"What?" Zayn said like he was caught off guard. I just looked at him before he stood up and followed me. 

"WAIT!" Louis shouted. I looked back him.

"Why did you save me as BooBear in your phone?" He asked. 

"I thought it was cute" I said as i shrugged and walked into the kitchen with Zayn. 

"Something you wanted to say to me?" Zayn said. 

"I just wanted to say i saw your reaction when i said ashley was coming over. Look Zayn i know you like her and obviously she likes you too. Just explain to her what happened and apologize and she will be yours in no time" I said, 

"You really think so?" Zayn asked. 

"I've known Ashley for a long time trust me it will do, she will be over soon so make sure you know what to say" I said as i walk out the kitchen. I went and sat in the middle of Harry and Louis well i layed on both of them. My legs were on Harrys lap and my head was in Louis lap and i looked up and him and i smiled. He just smiled as chuckling a bit and he leaned down to give me a kiss on my lips. 

"I'M HUNGRY!" Niall complained. Harry threw a pillow at Niall.

"Niall your always hungry." He said, I just silently shook my head these boys are to funny. I heard a knock on the door.

"I'll get it" I said in a sing song voice and i went to get up but i fell and landed on my butt and it made a huge thump and all of the boys were laughing at me. i got up and strutted to the door. 

"That's right work it girl" Louis said. I just started laughing. I went and opened the door to see Ashley and i pulled her into a hug. We went into the living room and all the boys said there hello's before i pushed ashley and Zayn into the guest room and i locked the door. 

Ashley P.O.V.

Stupid Victoria i swear I'm going to kill her later. Now I'm in a room with Zayn and it was silent and i was getting annoyed. 

"If your not going to say anything i will just tell Victoria to let us out" I said. 

"Listen Ashley I'm sorry. I really do like you and i was going to break up with Perrie but i needed the right time and i saw you and i couldn't let you go i really liked you. I kissed you and i did not expect Perrie to be there i was going to break up with her after i kissed you. I just felt this connection with you that i never felt with Perrie" Zayn said. I wanted to forgive him but i was really sad. 

"Well Zayn when we kissed i felt sparks and i really liked you too but you had a girlfriend and i was heartbroken Zayn" I said, 

"Wait you said you felt fireworks right?" Zayn said. 

'Yes but that had not-" I was saying before i felt another pair of soft lips on mine. I felt the same fireworks i felt the first time Zayn kissed me and it was too good of a feeling to be let go so i kissed back. When i did i felt Zayn smile into the kiss and that made me smile. I started to put my hands through his hair and he grabbed my waist pulling me close to him and we deepened the kiss. After i while i pulled back taking a breath and when i did i just looked at Zayn and his perfect face. 

"Ashley i know it's kind of soon but i really like you and i think we could make this work and i wanted to know if erm.. you wanted-" Zayn said. 

"You talk to much" I said while pulling him in for another kiss. He kissed back and he pulled back. 

'So i take that as a yes" He said and i just nodded. 

'Can we just get out of here now" Zayn whined. 

"yeah i can get us out" I said i went up to the door and started hitting it.


Victoria P.O.V.

After I pushed Zayn and Ashley into the room i stood outside listening to the conversation and they were just yelling at each other and then Louis came and he listened with me after a while we couldn't hear anything so we just sat in the hallway talking. That was until i heard pounding on the door. 

'VICTORIA OPEN UP THIS DOOR OR I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE BOOB AND MAKE IT HURT!!" I heard ashley yell. Louis looked at me scared.

"No he cant touch you there" He said while covering my chest with his hands. I just pushed him away laughing he is such a goof ball. I went and i opened the door and i saw Ashley and Zayn holding hands. IU looked at there hands then back to there faces and gave them a smile. 

"What is that face? Stop it! It's scary" Zayn said. 

"Well fuck you too" I said in a low voice so only i really heard.

"So you guys are a couple?" I asked this time so everyone could hear. The smiled and kissed a very deep passionate kiss. 

"Ahh my eyes" Me and Louis both screamed at the same time.

"Wow you guys are really perfect for each other" Ashley said i just looked up and Louis and smiled. We all walked into the living room again.

"I AM A MATCH MAKING GENIUS!" I yelled out. 

"SUSH TOY STORY IS ON" Liam yelled. Whatever! 

I sat beside Harry and ruffled his hair. "HEY CURLY!" I yelled. 

"You know you and Louis are like so similar, you guys are like perfect for each other" Harry said. 

"I may have heard that before" I said and smiled.

A/N: Okay I'm not going even going to get into this i know i never updated in while. Okay a long while, I've been kind of busy but if you want to know. I have so much much fucking work because my teacher is a butch. Plus i got a boyfriend and he broke up with me two days before my birthday which was also a day before our one month anniversary  He's an asshole i know but I'm over him. That brings me to it it was my birthday like 2 weeks ago, I'M FINALLY 14!! My two friends are now dating and they are a totally cute couple and i'm so jealous. And now i'm here all lonely but it's okay because i have my fan fics and you guys so.. PLEASE COMMENT BELOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU I READ ALL THE COMMENTS AND I AM VERY THANKFUL FOR THEM. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I will try to do more chapter but i'm just one girl. The story is not over though so no fear. Oh yeah plus my nose is pierced and i have red hair.




















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