My Brother Harry Styles (Sequel to Family Secret)

This is the life of Victoria kelly how her life got turned around after she found out she was the sister of one of the most famous people out there the one and only...
Harry Styles.
This is the sequel to Family Secret


7. Movies and Talking

Victoria P.O.V.

After we finished eating i went to go take a shower and when i came out i remembered that i forgot my clothes in the room. Shit. So i was only in a towel and i sneaked out without anybody seeing me and i was getting there when i was heading into Jully's room where my suitcase. I was about to open the handle to the door when it opened and out came Niall and Jully. What were they doing? 

"Hey Guys" I said. 

"Hi" Jully said.

"So what were you doing. Hopefully not something naughty?" I said.

"Umm not me and Niall just started dating first of all and we was just helping me with something and third of all your the one that's NAKED!" Jully yelled the last part. All of a sudden i see two boys come flying up hall.

"Who's naked" Harry asked.

"Victoria" Jully said.

"Oh eww Victoria I'm out" Harry said.

"How nice now if you don't mind i would like to go change" I said. I pushed past Niall and Jully and i closed her door and i got changed after i came out. I went downstairs and everybody was there and ready. Louis came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek while wrapping his arm around me.

"you look beautiful" He said to me and i just blushed. i mean i didn't like him in that way but wouldn't it feel nice to be called beautiful?

"So are like you two a thing?" Jully asked.

"No" I said.

"Let's go exploring!" Harry shouted.

~ 2 hours later ~

We got back from our exploring and we were just sitting at Jully's house it was like 4:00 pm and we were pretty bored. 

"Babe do you have any food I'm hungry" Niall complained.

"Well we have to make it and i'm too lazy" Jully said,

"That's okay we can just go out and eat. Let's go to Nandos!" Niall shouted really excited.

"Should i break it to him or you?" I asked looking at Jully. 

"Well there is no Nandos in Canada" Jully said. i just saw Niall's jaw drop. 

"What do you mean no Nandos that is just terrible. You must suffer" Niall said all dramatically. 

"Well no there are lots of other places i can go eat." Jully said.

"You guys relax i'll just order some pizza and we can watch a movie or something" I said. All of the boys and Jully nodded and they made themselves comfy on the couch. I ordered the pizza and i went and I saw that there was no where for me to sit so i sat on the ground in front of harry and i rested my head on his legs. 

"Come on love you can sit beside me if you want?" Louis offered, i looked over at him trying to make space for me. 

"It's alright i'm fine right here" I said.

 I leaned my head back on Harry's leg and i closed my eyes. The next thing i knew someone was picking me up and put me down on their lap. I opened my eyes to see Louis sitting their smirking. 

"Let's watch a movie now" Jully said snuggling into Niall. 

I was on Louis and Harry and Liam where on each side of Louis. Niall and Jully were sitting beside each other on the other couch and Zayn was sitting alone on this big chair that Jully had. We all decided to pick a scary movie to watch and we were watching Paranormal Activity 3. 10 minutes into the movie i heard knocking form the door and i knew it was the pizza so i got up from Louis and he pulled me back down.

"Where are you going?" Louis asked.

"To the door" I said.

"Do you need someone to protect you?" Louis asked again. 

"Nah i'm good" I said and i got up and i went to the door and i opened it and i payed the guy and i walked into the kitchen and put the pizza's down and i had to go to the bathroom so i went. I would be lying if i said that the movie kind of freaked me out. I went to the washroom and when i came out someone was standing there and it freaked me out.

"AHHH! WHO ARE YOU?" I screamed.

"Calm down it's just me" Liam said.

"Oh sorry Liam the movie kind of freaked me out and yea it's dark" I said.

"I'm sorry love i didn't mean to scare you" Liam said and he moved closer to me. 

"It's alright" I said. He came closer and I honestly didn't know what he was doing. Then i saw him leaning in and trying to kiss me but i just backed away.

"I'm sorry Liam but i can't do this" I said.

"Why not it's not like it's the first time you kissed me" Liam said. 

"It's just what we had before it's not there anymore" I said. 

"It's because you like Louis right?" Liam said,

"No i don't even like Louis, i mean i like him but not in that way" I said.

"Then what's holding you back?" Liam said.

"I just don't really feel anything between us anymore and i don't want to hurt your feelings i really don't Liam. I'm sorry but i can't" I said and i turned around. Liam grabbed my wrist and spun me around.

"Do you like anybody?" Liam asked.

"No. Why?" I said.

"Well now i can try and win you back. Victoria i love you and i will make you mine" Liam said. I couldn't handle it i got out of the grip that Liam was holding on me. Why did they all have to make this so difficult like uhhg. Can't they just go and crush on someone else? I walked back into the living room where everyone was and i sat on the couch and i saw the pizza boxes on the table Niall must have got to them. I grabbed a slice and sat down.

"Hey you alright?" Louis asked me and I just nodded. I continued to watch the movie and then this really part came on and i freaked out and i cuddled into Harry since he was beside me and he held on to me. I really hated scary movies i don't know why wee decided to watch one. Jully was cuddled into Niall and she looked like of freaked out but she wasn't as scared as me. All of a sudden I heard a knock on the door and it scared me and I screamed. 

"Calm down it's just someone at the door, gosh" Jully said. I gave her a little smile while she walked by me. 

Jully P.O.V.

I went to go get the door and I knew it was Ashley she texted me saying that her family trip got cut short and she was home to come visit. She asked if she could come over and I didn't tell her that Victoria or the boys were here either, i can't wait to see her expression. Especially when she's sees Zayn. Zayn had always been her favorite. I opened the door and she hugged me.

"How are you my Spanish bebys?" I asked her. 

"Good" She said while walking past me and into the living room and i followed in and i turned all the lights on and everyone looked over at me. I saw Victoria light up into a smile as she got un and ran to give Ashley a hug. 

"Oh my god Victoria you are you here. I thought you were in England" Ashley said,

"Well i was until i met these 5 wonderful boys and they had to go on tour and Jully being ever so nice let us stay here for when we were in Toronto" Victoria said.

"I only see 4 boys" She said.

"Yeah where's Liam?" I asked.

Victoria just shrugged but her face looked like she knew something else i just let it slide. 

"So Ashley this is Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, my wonderful and incredibly adorable Irish boyfriend Niall Horan and then these Victoria Styles" I said.

"Boyfriend? So you are dating Niall Horan? I always thought your favorite was Harry?" She said. Oml i swear i could just hit her right now.

Harry looked over and smirked at me.

"So I was your favorite?" Harry asked.

"yes but now Niall is my favorite" I said.

"I see how it is" Harry said.

"Yes you do" I said. 

"So Victoria how are you and Harry doing?" Ashley asked and i remembered she didn't know about Victoria and Harry. They exchanged glances and i saw a little smile appear on Victoria's face what are they going to do now? Victoria jumped onto Harry.

"Oh my god Harry i love you so much, you are so perfect so hot and i just love your curls." Victoria said while ruffling his hair.

"Victoria i love you too and you smell so nice and your boys is so prefect and you are hot and i love your hair too" Harry said, I started bursting out laughing and i went over to Niall and sat down beside him.

"Hey how come we never do that?" Niall said.

"Fine i love you Niall and your hair is just perfect and when i stare into your blue eyes i just melt and your accent is adorable. You are so perfect Niall" I said and Niall just looked so shocked at me.

"What did i do something?" i asked.

"It;s the first time you ever said you love me Jully. I love you too" Niall said.

"Well i was just saying like how they were saying it but i do love you my little Nialler!" I said. He smiled at me and we leaned it for a kiss. 

Ashley P.O.V.

Okay everyone was just kissing and making out well only Niall and Jully but still. Harry and Victoria were sitting there hugging and Louis was staring at them awkward anyways i cant believe that one direction are  the same room as me though. Me and Jully love one direction and Zayn was always my favorite i just though he was so hot and i loved the whole mysterious bad boy style. I was just standing there awkwardly so i went up to Zayn.

"H-Hi!" I said i must have sounded really nervous.

"Hey what's up I'm Zayn" He said, 

"I know who you are" I said,

"Oh right so tell me about yourself?" Zayn said, 

"Well i am Ashley Becerra- Soto, I am 18 years old, I have 2 brothers and one sister. I live like close to here, i have known Victoria ever since i was 9 and i knew jully since i was 11 they were my best friends me and Jully went to the same high school and Victoria went to a different one but we still kept in touch. Well there isn't that much exciting in my life so yeah" I said.

"Well Ashley it was nice to meet you" Zayn said. I just nodded and i got up. Zayn grabbed my hand.

"Where are you going?" He said,

"Oh i need to go to the washroom but i will be right back" I said. I walked by Jully and she was just cuddling with Niall. Victoria, Louis and Harry were talking. I walked to the washroom and i used it when i walked out i heard sort of a noise coming from Jully's guest bedroom. I noticed it was open a little bit so i went to go see what happened. I opened the door and i walked in and i saw a boy laying in the bed with his face into the pillow and just by guessing it was Liam. 

"Are you okay?" I asked. 

Liam turned around and he had a confused look on his face probably wondering who i was.

"Sorry to bother you I'm Victoria and Jully's friend Ashley" I said,

"Hi Ashley" Liam said and his voice sounded kind of like he was crying before. 

"Are you okay Liam?" i asked.

"I-I'm f-fine" He said kind of sniffling. 

"No Liam what's the matter?" I asked and i sat down on the bed. He looked at me.

"I'm sorry that was rude you don't have to tell me. I'll just leave-" I was saying but he cut me off by saying.

"No it's okay i shouldn't be crying anyways" Liam said kind of laughing.

"But I'll tell you anyways" He said.

"Ok what's bothering you Liam?" I said moving closer to him.

"Victoria, the thing is I really like her" Liam said. 

"But Victoria is in a relationship with Harry so you are like jealous or something?" I asked, Liam gave me another confused look. 

"What are you talking about Victoria and Harry broke up?" Liam said.

"No i went and asked them how they were and they started to hug and say how much they loved each other" I said,

"I see so they never told you yet" Liam said.

"Tole me what?" I asked,

Liam explained to me the whole situation of how him and Victoria used to date and what happened and then hoe her and Harry got together. How Harry and Victoria were brother and sister and i nearly fell off the bed when i heard that, i remember Victoria would always be so jealous that me and Jully have siblings and she wanted one so bad. 

"i am sad now because now she's single and a little time before this i told her i still loved her and she said that she doesn't feel the same and i know that Louis likes her too" Liam finished. 

"Well if you want to take my advice since Victoria just got out of a relationship just give her some time and   if you really want to wow her do something it might be confusing i say do something that would be full of fun and excitement and then end the night with something sweet and romantic and i guarantee you see would love it" i said.

"You know what thank you Ashley and thank you for the advice your great" Liam said, i felt so flattered.

"No Problem Liam anytime i know that you guys will probably leave soon but just tell me if anythings happens after that i will be glad to help" I said. 


"Do you wanna go back out there so not everyone is worried about us" I said, Liam smiled and nodded we got off the bed and we walked back into the living room and averyone looked at us. 

"Where were you guys" Victoria asked.

"Um... we were ta-" I was saying before being cut off.

"Don't care go get ready" Victoria said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because we are going clubbing!" Victoria said. 

Oh great this should be fun a drunk Victoria yay! 

A/N: Hey guys so i haven't updated and you can blame school for that but i though i would give you a long chapter. Hoped you liked it. Comment below what you think. Thank you for reading and i love you!



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