My Brother Harry Styles (Sequel to Family Secret)

This is the life of Victoria kelly how her life got turned around after she found out she was the sister of one of the most famous people out there the one and only...
Harry Styles.
This is the sequel to Family Secret


10. Morning

Victoria P.O.V.

I woke up and i tried to get up when i felt something pull me back down and i kind of got scared but then i remembered that i came and slept with Louis. I wanted to get up but his grip was really tight like he didn't want me to leave. I started poking his cheek.

"Louis. Louis. Louis" I said.

"Ughh..Good morning love" Louis said.

"Good morning Louis" I said and he still had his arms wrapped around my waist and i pointed down at his arms and he chuckled while releasing me slowly. I just nodded and i got up. i went out of the room to see if anyone was up and as i suspected no one. I saw Zayn sleeping on the couch in just his boxers? I wanted to wake someone up this will be funny i didn't drink as much as everybody else did so i don't really have a hangover. I walked over to Zayn and i was about to wake him up when i heard him mumble which I'm guessing still in his sleep because his eyes were closed.

"Ashley come back I'm sorry"

What does he mean did he do something to Ashley? I decided to leave Zayn and I will ask him when he wakes up. Hmmm... Who should i wake up next. Wait! Since I was with Louis and Zayn was sleeping on the couch. Where is Harry? What if he went back to the blond girls...Uhhh. I went back into Louis room and i saw his asleep. I walked over to him,

"Louis wake up" I said. 

"Uhh can i get no sleep when I'm around you?" Louis groaned. 

"I'm sorry" I said he seemed kind of mad and i didn't want to upset him, I started to slowly back away. Louis must have saw the sad look on my face because he grabbed my hand pulled me beside him.

"Oh no i was just kidding. Don't be sad I'm not mad." Louis said. 

"Okay" I said. 

"Wanna go make breakfast?" I said.

"If you mean me watch you as you make breakfast sure" Louis said. 

"Aww come on you can help me" I said. He smiled and got up and i noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt well i mean i noticed it last night but the covers were covering it and i didn't notice i was staring. 

"Like what you see Babe?" Louis asked. I looked away pretending like i wasn't looking.

"Uhh...Never" I said trying not to blush. He just stood there chuckling. 

"Stop laughing at me" I protested. (Haha "NO!" Jimmy Protested) 

"Oh come on" Louis said while grabbing my hand and pulling me to the kitchen. 

"So what are we making?" Louis asked.

"Pancakes" I said. 

"Sure" he said, 

Me and Louis started making pancakes and as i turned around to put them on a plate i felt someone flick something onto my face and i opened my eyes to see Louis standing there smirking with flour in his hand. 

"You did not just do that Tomlinson!" I said.

"Oh but i did Styles" He said. I glared at him and i went to through an egg but Louis ducked and I watched as it flew through the air and hit Jully. Oh that was so funny but she looked pissed and Niall was standing there holding her hand and me and Louis start dying. 

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" Jully screamed.

"Jully you really shouldn't swear it's not very lady like" I said. 

"No I'm going to fucking kill you!" Jully screamed and literally i saw like hate flash in her eyes and she was starting to scare me. She came chasing after me and i screamed and i ran behind Louis. 

"Louis save me" I yelled.

"SUPERRMANN!!" Louis yelled. Jully came around and she grabbed me and punched my arm and pretty bad it really hurt. 

"Ow that hurt" I said, 

"Your deserved it" She said and i was joking with her the whole time but she looked dead serious. 

"Woah calm down i was just joking plus the egg was meant for Louis" I said showing Louis a flashy smile. 

"Well why the fuck are you throwing eggs in my apartment anyways? You got it in my hair" Jully said.

"Woah calm down and since when did you become Ashley?" i said. 

"Yeah babe i think you should calm down" Niall said,

"NEVER TELL A GIRL TO CALM DOWN!" Jully yelled. Oh gosh who knew she could be so angry and Niall looked a little scared. 

"Jully i think you should clean up" I said. 

"Really?" She said sarcastically. 

"Okay i get it you have egg in your hair but you don't have to be a bitch about it like your hair actually looks better than it did before" I said.

Jully looked at me pissed and she slapped me, she had a stupid little smirk on her face. I was about to lung at her when Louis noticed and held me back and Niall grabbed Jully.

"What are you going to do about it you little midget?" Jully asked.

"I don't know maybe kick you in your shins you fucking giant and i am not just talking about the height i think you should lay off the chips for a while" I said back.

"That's it get out of my fucking house!" Jully yelled.

"Gladly" I said. I walked outside and i was only in a tank top and some short shorts. Louis ran out of the door after me.

"Where are you planning to go?" Louis asked.

"My parent's house" I said.

"Well you aren't going nowhere with me" Louis said,

"It's okay Louis I will just stay with my parents. You just go back and be with Jully until we are onto our next place. Just come pick me up when you guys have a concert or something. I'll text you the address" I said. Louis just slowly nodded his head and he went back into Louis house. I slowly started making my way back to my parents house which was like 5 minutes away. I got there and it looks the same. I knocked on the door and i saw my mom standing there.

"Honey, Why are you here? i thought you were in England  and look what your wearing you must be freezing are you okay?" She kept on asking me questions. I just stepped inside and she ran quickly and got a blanket and wrapped it around me but i sort of pushed away from her.

"What's wrong?" She asked me. 

"How could you not tell me?" I asked...

A/N: Ouu Cliffhanger. Jully and Victoria got into a fight and she kicked her out, wow. I might update later today but I'm not sure but i most likely will. . I ALSO WANTED TO SAY THAT I ENTERED THAT COMPETITION 1SHOT41D AND I WILL APPRECIATE IF YOU TOOK YOUR TIME TO READ IT AND POSSIBLY FAVOUIRTE AND LIKE YOU CAN ALSO COMMENT BELOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF IT. IT IS JUST A ONE SHOT SO DON'T WORRY IT'S NOT LONG. Also I went skiing for the first time and it is so much fun so if you never went before you should go it's great but other than that. Comment below what you think i love the feedback. Thank you for reading and i love you!! 



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