My Brother Harry Styles (Sequel to Family Secret)

This is the life of Victoria kelly how her life got turned around after she found out she was the sister of one of the most famous people out there the one and only...
Harry Styles.
This is the sequel to Family Secret


9. Clubbing Part 2

Ok i just wanted to say for this club part 2 it is going to bring it back to the beginning of the night in the others point of view. Thanks!! 

Ashley P.O.V.

We were having drinks and Zayn asked me if i wanted to dance with him. I don't know if anybody know this but i have a huge celebrity crush on Zayn and of course i would not say no to him. Me and him were dancing. Me and Zayn were just dancing and talking. If i wasn't mistaken i would have said that Zayn was flirting with me. 

"Ashley i had a lot of fun and i really like you" Zayn said. I felt a blush coming on he was so cute. 

"I like you too Zayn" I said back and he smiled at me. He leaned in and i leaned in too. The next thing i know i felt his soft lips on mine. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I was really enjoying the kiss but i felt Zayn's lips detach from mine i wouldn't have been mad if i didn't hear the high pitched scream. "ZAYN!" I opened my eyes to see this blonde girl standing there looking pissed.

"Who is this!?" The girl asked starring at me. Zayn just stood there so i decided to answer.

"I'm Ashley who the fuck are you?" I asked mad.

"I'm Zayn's girlfriend well ex-girlfriend" She said and she turned and looked at Zayn. "WERE OVER!" She yelled in his face and she stomped away mad. 

This guy had a girlfriend and he kissed me i knew it was too good to be true Zayn would never date someone like me. I just shook my head and turned around to walk the other way. Until i felt someone's arm grab mine.

"Ashley Wait!" I heard Zayn yell from behind me. 

"No Zayn! You had a girlfriend and you cheated on her with me and i didn't know and now i feel bad for her. But you know what the worst thing was i actually thought that you liked me but i guess i was wrong" I spat at him. I pulled my hand away from his grip and i walked away. 

"I do like you" Zayn yelled back. I just shook my head and continued walking away. I found a taxi and i hopped in and at this point i had tears streaming down my face. 

"Where to?" the taxi driver asked.

I told him my address. I heard someone start to bang on the window and i looked to see Zayn.

"Miss-" I cut the taxi driver off.

"Just drive" I said. He nodded as he went off. My house was like a 30 minute drive from the club. After like 5 minutes i was good and i stopped crying to the point where i could actually talk to the driver. I found out his name was Carl. When i got to me house.

"Hey i left my purse inside my house i will be right back" I said.

"It's okay i seen all the trouble you went through tonight consider the ride on me" Carl said.

"Thank you so much" I said.

"No problem have a good night miss" Carl said. 

I got out of the taxi and i went to my apartment and i went up to the 8th floor and as soon as i got inside I felt a rush of tiredness come over me. I quickly changed into pajamas and i layed down on my bed and i fell asleep. I had thoughts of Zayn and how i never want to see that jerk again. 

Zayn P.O.V.

I felt really bad. I actually liked Ashley and i could sense even from before me and Perrie were parting and i was going to break up with her but i didn't want to hurt her feelings. When i kissed Ashley i just felt sparks but i fucked it all up. I'm so stupid i swear. I got back to Jully's house and I went into the room me and Liam shared but instead of waking up Liam i just went and took off my shirt and pants and i was in my boxers and i just went on the couch and fell asleep there. I really fucked it up with Ashley but i plan on getting her forgiveness i really like her and im pretty sure she liked me too. With that i fell asleep.

A/N: Sorry for the crappy chapter i just wanted to explain what happened to Zayn and Ashley. Anyways since i am in grade 8 there thinking of having our little grade 8 trip going skiing and i never went skiing before and i'm kind of freaking out but what ever. I might update tomorrow depending because my friends coming to visit for the weekend and i never seem her in like a year gonna party. Comment below what you think i love the feedback. Thank you for reading and i love you! <3 (Also if you want to follow me on twitter it's @Viictoriaakelly. I only have like 84 followers and i want it to go up and i promise that i always follow back ) 



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