My Brother Harry Styles (Sequel to Family Secret)

This is the life of Victoria kelly how her life got turned around after she found out she was the sister of one of the most famous people out there the one and only...
Harry Styles.
This is the sequel to Family Secret


8. Clubbing Part 1

Victoria P.O.V.

Yes we get to go clubbing i never been clubbing in like such a long time and like it will get my mind off of what Liam said to me. I was definitely going to get drunk tonight. I grabbed Jully and Ashley and pulled them into Jully's room.

"Okay Jully you have a boyfriend and you can look sexy for him and Ashley you can get to look good so you can find some guys at the club oh yeah" I said.

"Oh gosh you never even had anything to drink yet but you still seem a little drunk" Jully said.

"Haha Shut up" i said. 

I got form my suitcase this short, tight red dress and it was low cut and a pair of black high heels. I straightened my hair so it was like pin straight and i put on some mascara  eyeliner and some red lip stick. Jully wore one of her tight skirts and a crop top and she had high heels on too with make up and she curled her hair, Jully wasn't much of a party-er (don't care if it's not a real word), so she didn't really have any party or clubbing clothes so i let Ashley borrow some of mine. We were all ready and we walked down the stairs. Jully went first walking up to Niall then Ashley went just waiting there awkwardly for me to come down but i was still putting in my earrings.


"CALM DOWN I'M COMING GEE HOLD YOUR NIALL" I screamed back. I fixed it and i started walking down and i looked up to see Liam and Louis jaw dropped. Niall was just looking at Jully and Zayn was talking to Ashley and Harry was just standing there. 

"Wow my sister looks hot" Harry said.

"that's wired Harry" I said back to him.

"You weren't saying that a week ago" Harry replied back.

"Because i didn't know i had such an uptight, annoying, cocky, full of himself little brother" I spat back.

"Wow hurtful" Harry said sarcastically with his hand over his heart but it was the wrong side.

"Wrong side dumb ass" I said and he quickly moved his hand while Louis was laughing.

"Hey you guys stop righting it's suppose to be a fun night remember?" Jully said.

"Oh shut up" I said and she just stuck her tongue put at me. 

"Don't tell my girlfriend to shut up" Niall said defending Jully. 

"Shut up Leprechaun" i said back to Niall. 

There was a car honk outside and all of a sudden i was not on the ground anymore.

"C'mon cranky pants" Louis said picking me up and putting on his shoulder.

"Louis put me down this dress will show my ass" I said,

"Not my problem should have worn a longer dress but hey i'm not complaining" Louis said back and Harry hit him it the arm and Louis just shrugged it off.

"Louis put me down" I demanded. 

"Fine here you go" and he put me into the taxi. I was in one taxi with Louis, Harry, and Liam.
Zayn, Ashley, Niall and Jully were in the other one. 

~ skip the car ride ~ 

We got to the club and since the boys were celebrities we got in. We all headed for the bar and Harry ordered 8 shots and we were just drinking lots. I was drinking and i wasn't all fully aware but i knew what was happening around me. Zayn, Ashley, Jully & Niall were on the dance floor. Harry went to go flirt with some blonde chick. It was me, Louis and Liam just here. Me and Louis were drinking together and Liam couldn't drink that much so he just sat there while me and Louis got wasted. I felt someones arm wrap around me and it scared me because Liam and Louis were right in front of me.

"Hey babe" I heard the guy say. His voice was familiar but yet like not one...not...well it wasn't one of the boys. I turned around to see who it was. I saw his face and he saw mine.

"I knew it was you" He said.

i recognized him right away when i saw his face even though he looked quite different.

"Hi Theo" I said.

Theo was my ex-boyfriend i dated him like 6 years ago and then we broke up. Well actually Theo is Jully's brother and that's how me and Jully met.

"How are you? You look really sexy tonight" He slurred. 

"Theo you are drunk" I said. 

"So.." He said almost falling over and he tried to kiss me. I pushed him off of me and Louis came rushing to my side.

"Are you okay?" Louis asked.

"Who are you? Her boyfriend?" Theo asked gripping on to me harder and i was trying to push him away from me. 

"Yes-" Louis was saying before i cut him off.

"No we aren't" I said giving Louis a look but he couln't keep his eyes off Theo. 

"Well then Victoria woudl you like to dance with me?" Theo asked. 

"Um..." I was saying.

"Come on i never seen you in a long time please" Theo praticly begged. 

"Uh fine" i said and as i was walking toward him Louis grabbed my hand and i turned to look at him. I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you I'll be fine it just one dance i will be right back" I said. He nodded his head and let go of me and i walked over to Theo. I started to dance with him and he was like grinding on me. What the hell i didn't have a boyfriend and who cares i was dancing with him too. The song ended and we were looking into each others eyes and he leaned into kiss me. I quickly pulled back.

"No Theo sorry" I said.

"See i have been thinking and i think that we should get tigether" He said.

"I don't think so we dated for like a month and that didn't really work out and then you broke up with me and now your asking me out again?" I asked kind of mad.

"Sure why not" Theo askedl ike it was no big deal. 

"No theo i don't think so" i said and i tried to turn away and he grabbed my waist and pulled me closer and started kissing me aggresivly. He was much stronger than me. I tried pushing him off of me but it didn't work so i kneed him in his lower department. He dropped to the ground i must have hit him hard score for me. I walked away and i found Jully in the middle of the dance floor making out with Niall eww. I tapped her on the shoulder and she broke aprt from Niall and when she saw it was me that stopped her she looked pissed.

"What do you want?" She asked clearly annoyed. 

"Tell your annoying brother to stay away from me" I said.

"Theo's here wow i never seen him since like a year ago" Jully said. I just leaft her with Niall and i went back to Louis and Liam. Theo just ruined my night i just kind of want to go home now.  I saw Louis and Liam sitting there talking but i couldn't hear what they were saying. As i got closer to them they were looking at each other not in a friendly way. I wasn't really in that great of a mood. I walked up to them.

"Are you okay Victoria?" Louis asked me.

"Can we just go home?" I asked.

"What did he do? I swear i'm going to kill him" Louis said. I just shook my head.

"Please" I said.

"Yes of course we can leave now" He said. I went to go see where Liam was sitting and he was gone weird. Louis took my hand and we went out and got a taxi and went back to Jully's house. We got there and me and Louis went inside since i had the key to Jully's house. We went and sat on the couch.

"So now love do you want to tell me what happened or who that guy is?" Louis asked sweetly.

"Well to start off he is Jully's older brother and we dated like 6 years ago and that's how i met Jully. We were dating and things weren't going that good so he broke up with me. The guy had the nerve to try and kiss me and when i refuse he tells me that we should get back together and then he kissed me." I said.

"That jerk any guy would be lucky to have you" Louis said and i smiled at him. "But one more thing how did you like get away from him?" He asked.

"I kicked him and let's just say he isn't going to have a easy time having kids" I said king of laughing.

"That's my girl" Louis said.

He looked down at me. I looked up at me and we must have had a moment because the next thing i felt his lips on mine. The other time i didn't really have a spark or anything and i don't know what made it so different this time because i actually felt something this time. I pulled back and i smiled at Louis and he smiled back.

"I think i am going to go to bed now I'm pretty tired" I said. 

"Okay love, I'm pretty tired i think i am going to go to bed too" Louis said. 

"Carry me" I said.

"What?" Louis asked chuckling.

"I'm tired carry me?" I said giving him puppy eyes.

"Awe fine" he picked me up bridal style and laid me down in Jully's room. He kissed me on the forehead.

"Good night baby girl" He said,

"Good night boo bear" I said and i laughed at the annoyed look on his face. From then i fell asleep thinking about that kiss i had with Louis.

Liam P.O.V.  

After Victoria came i went to the bathroom quickly and when i came back to where i was before and Louis and Victoria were gone i wonder where they went?? I texted Louis.

To: Louis
Hey where are you?
From: Liam

To: Liam
I went back to Jully's house
From: Louis

What if they were doing something? Well since he texted me back i guess there not. I fell really jealous i like Victoria a lot and like i know that Louis does too and what if she likes him back. I think it's time for us to leave. I looked around and i saw Niall and Jully there snogging. I tapped on Niall's back. He turned around and he looked mad.

"Oh my gosh can we kiss for once for someone not interrupting us!" Niall said.

"Woah calm down bro i was just saying that we should head back now and you can continue whatever you were doing at home?" I asked.

Niall just looked at Jully and gave her a look. Oh gosh what did i just say to them. I tried to look for Zayn but i couldn't find him. I just left with Niall and Jully and the whole way in the cab they were just making out. We finally got to Jully's house and she quickly opened the door and i was tired so i went into the room and i changed into my pajamas and i took off my shirt and just layed in bed. Zayn wasn't there i guess he was still at the club. Whatever Zayn was a smart boy he could find his way back home. I end up falling asleep.

Jully P.O.V.

I swear Niall is so cute and his accent omg he got me so turned on. Me and Niall got inside and Liam went  straight to where he was sleeping and Niall slept on the couch before but not now. I opened my door to see Victoria sleeping on my bed. I walked up to her. 

"Victoria!!" I yelled and she woke up holding her head.

"What the fuck is your problem Bitch?" She asked me.

"Me and Niall are back and we want to sleep in my bed" I said.

"Well where the fuck am i suppose to go?" She asked.

"I don't know you'll fine some place" i said. 

"you know what fuck you and I guess you and Niall want to go do something and i don't really want to stay here for that so bye" Victoria said. She got up and was walking out and she looked at Niall.

"Have fun little guy" She said and she patted him on the head. He just glared at her and i laughed.

Victoria left he room and as soon as she did i like attacked Niall with kisses and we went onto my bed. 

"I love you" Niall said,

"I love you too" I said back to him.

We were kissing and i went on top and i was like straddling him while not breaking the kiss and then slowly i took off his shirt to reveal his abs and damn they were so sexy. I started kissing up and down his abs and i heard him moaning and it turned me on even more. Then he took off my top and he started kissing me even more and he threw my top across the room. He took my bra and unlatched it,

"Damn your breast are sexy" He said. 

I just giggled, we were kissing and then he started kissing all down my neck and i was moaning and. He came closer to my skirt. I was starting to regret this i mean like i obvouisly love Niall but i was still a virgin and i'm only 18 and i was kind of scared, but what if Niall doesn't like me if i saw no. He was tsrated to undo them.

"Wait Niall!" I said.

"What's the matter babe" He asked. The way he says babe oh my god.

"I'm sorry but i don't think I'm ready. I mean like i am only-" I was saying but i was cut off by Niall kissing me.

"It's alright I understand i am not going to force you into anything you don't want to do" Niall said,

"And this is why i love you" I said. 

"I love you too" Niall said he gave me a quick peck. I went and i got changed into My pajamas and Niall was lying in bed with only his boxers on. I layed down next to him and he just wrapped his arm around me and i fell asleep cuddling with Niall. 

Victoria P.O.V. 

Stupid bitch waking me up in the middle of the night. Stupid her having to go sleep with Niall. Stupid her i had no where to sleep now. I mean like where am i going to sleep? Uhh. Wait i know i went and i knocked on the door. Then i just stepped inside,

"Louis?" I said quietly while poking him. Until he eventually woke up. 

"Jully kicked me out of her room can i sleep in here?" I asked. 

"Sure love you can sleep in the bed and i'll go sleep on the couch." Louis said getting up. He walked by me and i grabbed his wrist.

"Can you sleep with me?" I asked.

"Are you sure?" He responded and i just nodded my head and i noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt and he had abs. He went around the other side of the bed and he crawled in with me and i snuggled in with him. He chuckled and wrapped his arm around me and i layed my head on his chest. i fell asleep listening to Louis heartbeats. The that reminded me i still had that date with Louis. I will worry about that another night. 

A/N: I fell so bad this chapter literally took me so long. I had like writers block. What do you think of Louis and Victoria together. ALSO CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT ZAYN IS 2O! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE BRADFORD BAD BOI! I just want to ask one thing. Who knows who Connor Franta is i started watching his videos and now my friend said that i am obsessed but i am not. Comment below what  you thought of this chapter. I really do appreciated them and i like your feedback just to let me know how i do. Critisim is also welcome i can take it so give me all you got. Thank you for reading and i love you!!


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