My Brother Harry Styles (Sequel to Family Secret)

This is the life of Victoria kelly how her life got turned around after she found out she was the sister of one of the most famous people out there the one and only...
Harry Styles.
This is the sequel to Family Secret


11. Catching Up

Victoria P.O.V.

"How could you not tell me?" I asked my mom. She looked confused.

"Tell you what?" my mom well Kathleen asked. 

"That i was adopted" I said. Kathleen had a shocked look on her face. 

"Matt come in here" She yelled. I saw my well what i thought dad look at me surprised. 

"Victoria your here i though you were in England?" He was confused too. 

"Honey she found out" Kathleen said to Matt. He looked at me and i was kind of mad that they never told me. They looked at me.

"Were sorry that we never told you. We were going to but it was just kind of difficult" My mom said.

"So is that why you sent me to England to find my real mom?" I asked. 

"Well not really we just thought it would be nice to go on your own and plus it wound be nice for a different scenery so we thought England" My dad said and i just nodded my head. 

"Might i ask how did you find out" My mom asked.

"Well it turns out that my real mom had another child and he is like super famous and went i bumped into him i became good friends with him and then i sated his frin-" I was saying but my mom cut me off.

"Oh my you got a boyfriend you dated Theo and when you broke up you never dated for like 6 years my little girl is growing up" My mom said.

"As i was saying i dated his friend but he cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend" I said.

"Oh honey i am so sorry that guy is a jerk" My mom said,

"Actually i forgave him and we are good friends, anyways i started to date Harry and he asked me to go on tour with them since they are a famous singers and i said yes. Before we left he wanted to introduce me to his mom so we went and she started freaking out and then she told us how he was really my borther and the whole story. I dumped Harry and i still went on tour and we are touring here in North America. But the hotel messed up our rooms so we had to stay somewhere so i thought of Jully and we went there. Me and her got in to a fight today and she kicked me out now all the boys are back at her house and i came here" I said. 

"Oh my gosh that is a lot going for you" My mom said, I just slowly nodded my head. 

"Do you want some cookies?" My mom asked. I slowly nodded my head. I was still kind of mad at them at the fact that they didn't tell me but i grew up with them all my life and i love them so i can't stay mad at they forever. I sat down and as i was waiting i got a text. 

To: Victoria
Manager called we have to go to a photo shoot we can come and pick you up if you want?? 
From: Louis

To: Louis 
It's okay I am catching up with my 'parents' but yeah. Oh and when i woke up Harry wasn't there?
From: Victoria

To: Victoria
Yeah he showed up like after you left. He did some naughty things last night. ;)
From: Louis

To: Louis
Okay Eww i did not need to know that. 
From: Victoria

To: Victoria
Hey after i come back i was thinking that we can go on that date you promised me??
From: Louis

To: Louis 
I would love to actually then can you come and drop off my stuff. 
From: Victoria

To: Victoria
Sure Love
From: Louis

I smiled at my phone i swear Louis was too cute. I texted him back my parents address. I think i was developing feelings for Louis. He is just so cute, his hair, his smile, his laugh, oh just everything about his was so perfect. Yup i am seriously falling for Louis William Tomlinson but hey I'm not complaining.

"You alright Honey?" My mom asked me.

"Yes just perfect" I said.

"Ooooh you like someone tell me" My mom said.

"Well the first guy i dated was Liam and then i dated his friend Harry who turned out to be my brother and now I am having feelings for Louis" I said.

"Wow and they are all in one band?" My mom said. 

"Yea now that i think of it i sound like Taylor Swift oh gosh" I said and i started laughing and so did my mom.

After like 10 minutes of talking i heard a knock on the door. I was about to get it when my mom answered it and i was right behind her. She opened it and i saw Liam. 

"Hello Love" Liam said.  I pushed past my mom.

"Hi Liam" I said. 

"Oh so your Liam" My mom said with a rude tone in her voice i'm guessing she didn't like Liam.

"Yea... anyways here you go" He said while giving me my luggage. 

"I guess I'll see you later" Liam said. He walked away and he had sort of a sad expression on his face.

"Hey Liam are you okay?" I asked.

"I'm fine! I have to go bye" He said while walking away and towards a black car. I just took my stuff and put it inside. I saw my mom.

"What was that i thought you said you were friends with Liam he wasn't very friendly." My mom said.

"Yea usually he's happier and nicer trust me mom Liam is a real sweetheart when you get to know him." i said.

"Well i'll take your word for it" She said and I just smiled. I went and took my stuff upstairs and got changed. It was pretty nice out today so i put on my blue short shorts and i put on my crop top. I walked back downstairs. 

"Where are you going?" My mom asked.

"Out" I said while walking out the door.

I just needed some time to just relax and cool off. I started walking down the street and i crossed there was this park that me and my friends used to come to all the time. If you kept on walking down the street form the park there was this little path that led to a railway and there was still trains that came back. You might think it's dangerous but it's not like we run on the tracks we just sort of sit there and throw rocks. I went there and i just sat there and layed down. I closed my eyes and i must have been there for like 10 minutes. Then i heard a noise and i kind of got scared i mean i would never come here alone when i was younger but I'm older now but i'm still tiny.

"Hello is someone there?" I asked.

"Are you a rapist?" The voice said and i knew who it was. 

"Yes, Yes I am a rapist" I said in a sarcastic voice. I saw Ashley come and sit down beside me. 

"Really a rapist?" I asked.

"What it's better to be safe then sorry" She said, 

"Whatever" I said.

"So what brings you here?" She said. 

"Jully kicked me out and the boys are at a photo shoot what about you?" I said.

"I needed to get things off my mind. Why did Jully kick you out?" She asked.

"I threw an egg at her by accident and she went all mad and called me a midget and then i implied that she was a fat bitch and she kicked me out" I said. Ashley started to laugh. 

"Oh don't worry you know how sensitive Jully is she will get over it like probably tomorrow" She said. 

"yes so what things are going through your mind?" I asked. 

She sat there and told me everything that happened between her and Zayn at the club yesterday and i saw the look of sadness on her face. 

"You really liked him didn't you?" i asked. She just nodded her head. I just pulled her into a hug.

"It's okay. I'll just talk to Zayn" I said. 

"No don't do that i don't want to see him again" She said. 

"Come on obviously you like him. and he must like you since he chased after you in the club and not Perrie. Just give him a chance and we'll see what goes from there" I said. She just nodded her head.

"Thanks" She said. 

"No problem" I said. 

"No let's go" I said, 

"Where" She asked.

"Well since i gave you such great advice you can go and buy me lunch" I said, 

"Oh gosh you are always hungry i don't get how you don't get fat" She said. 

"It's because i exercise" I said, 

"Please you are one of the most laziest people i know" She said. I just shrugged my shoulders.

"How about you come back to my house and we can have something there?" She offered. I just nodded my head and we started walking to her house which was not that far away we all live within walking distance of each other. We got there and i went straight to her fridge. I opened her fridge and she had like no food. 

"ASHLEY YOU HAVE NO FOOD!" I yelled thinking she was still at the door.

"I'm right here no need to yell" She said. 

"Sorry" I said. 

"It's fine" She said, 

"How about we order pizza and CHICKEN WINGS!" I said. 

"Fine, I'll go order and you go pick out a movie we can go watch one" She said. 

"Okay" I said. I went to the living room her house wasn't that big it was actually pretty small but whatever. I went and looked at her movies and i picked a funny movie i didn't see it before it just looked funny so i took it she came and sat down beside me. 

~ 2 hours later ~ 

"Wow that movie was long" Ashley said.

"But it was fucking hilarious" I said. 

"Yeah..." She said, 

I felt a ding and i opened my phone and it was a text from Harry. 

To: Victoria
Hey, We just finished the photo shoot and Louis told me something like go get ready for your date or something. Just be careful okay i mean Louis is my best mate but i don't want to see my sister get hurt. Love ya
From: Harry 

To: Harry
Okay and don't worry harry you don't have to worry. I love you too :)
From: Victoria

"Hey Ashley i have to go get ready for my date" I said. 

"What did you say you never told me anything about this date with who??" She asked. 

"It's with Louis and i have to go and i promise i will tell you everything when i get back" I said. 

"You better" She said, I just laughed and waved her off. 

"Oh Wait Victoria! Here is your dress back" Ashley yelled.

"Thanks" I said and i took my dress and made my way back to my house. 

I got there and i opened the door and my mom was standing there. 

"Where were you? I was starting to get worried" She said. 

"Calm down i went to Ashley and i have a date with Louis so i need to get ready" I said. 

"My baby is going on a date" My mom said. 

"Mom i'm 20" I said. She let go of me and i went upstairs. 

To: Louis 
When are you coming?
From: Victoria

To: Victoria
I'll be there in 40 is that okay? xx
From: Louis

To: Louis 
From: Victoria 

I stepped into the shower and I let the warm water flow down my body and it felt so nice. I washed my hair and i washed my body and after like 10 minutes i was done. I stepped out, i went and i brushed my teeth. I had my straighter heating while i blow dried my hair. When i was finished. I went and looked through all my suitcases and i realized i didn't pack any fancy dress i was not planning on going on a fancy date. I just groaned in frustration and i heard a knock at my door. I opened it to reveal my mom.

"Troubles?" She said.

"I have nothing to wear" I said,

"I wouldn't say nothing" She said.

"What?" I said.

"Wait here" She said.

"No I'm going to go on my date in a robe" I sarcastically said back.

"Hey don't you talk back to me" She said,


I just stood there and waited until my mom came back with a beautiful dress in her hands. 

"Where did you get that?" I asked, 

"It was just in the back of my closet" She said,

"Sure... Anyways It's beautiful can i wear it" I said, 

"No I brought it to you so you can just see it" She said sarcastically back to me.

Now you see where i get it from? I took the dress and i put it on. The dress was a short baby blue strapless dress. It had a sweetheart neckline and the outline of the top half was studded with these little crystals. The bottom part went to mid-thigh. I went and i straightened my hair. I put on mascara  eye-liner and blue eye shadow. I got my blue high heels and i put them on. I was going over and i felt really beautiful. I was just checking over everything. I heard someone yell. 


I started to walk downstairs and i saw Louis standing there and he looked so adorable. I walked over to my mom.

"You look beautiful hunny" She said,

"Thanks" I said. I walked over to Louis and he wrapped his arm around my waist and he whispered in my ear. 

"You mom was right you do look beautiful" He said and i blushed and looked down.

"You look stunning too" I said. 

"Alright well you kids go have fun now" My dad said. 

"You ready?" Louis asked. I just nodded my head and he grabbed my hand and led me outside. 

A/N: Okay i finished it and i am sorry because i said i was going to write a chapter but never did. But i wrote it now and i made it long to make up. I hope you liked it. There will be more Vouis in the next chapter. Comment below what you think i love the feedback. Thank you for reading and i love you


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