finding u

Vivian nguyen falls in love with zayn one day in school find out more


1. how i get here

~Vivian's p.o.v.~

One brisk cold morning I was getting prepared for the first day of my biggest life (high school) I dug deep into my closet wow I really needed to clean it . I slipped on a short showing belly long-sleeve gray shirt and pulled on a abrocomby  and fich skirt and some white heels. as I walked out of my bedroom door my mother said are  you hungry starving "no mom" I replied I grabbed my tote and turned the nob of my front door. my mother tied a white scarf and slipped my supplies for high school in my tote including a textbook. she took the car keys and unlocked the car then she stuck the right key into the hole and started the engine ."I am so excited for your big day today also try to find a sweet guy "my mom hollered.

"mom that is not a joke " I replied then I turned on a track rom my favorite band One Direction soon I was humbling to the song I would "I can't compare with your boyfriend he's got twenty seven tattoos " I sang .  

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