In My Memory

Danielle has just lost her best friend Ava Adams in a car crash. Her whole world is turned upside down. Refusing to forget her, Danielle writes daily in a diary, writing to Ava. Will Danielle ever be able to recover from the loss of her best friend?


3. Life

       Since the accident, life has been different. There is no laughter, no smiles, no happiness with out Ava. I am trying to stay strong, but inside I am crying uncontrollably. Since I am on break, my mind is only occupied on Ava. The world lost a wonder individual. One filled with happiness. One who was intelligent. One who was a true friend.

       My inbox is blown up with countless emails and texts on how sorry they are about me losing my best friend. But they don't know that she was more than a friend, she was my sister. Everyday she would be at my house, whether it was studying or hanging out. I knew her like the back of my hand. Now that she is no longer her, I don't know how I can continue with out her. I guess I have to try. For Ava.

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