In My Memory

Danielle has just lost her best friend Ava Adams in a car crash. Her whole world is turned upside down. Refusing to forget her, Danielle writes daily in a diary, writing to Ava. Will Danielle ever be able to recover from the loss of her best friend?


5. Life 2

      Life has been really hard. I am not eating much, nor am I doing much lately. I spend my days fangirling One Direction or writing to Ava. I miss her. Nothing is the same with out her. Her funereal is this weekend, which is going to be filled with many crying sessions. On that day I will probably be a mess. Scratch that, I am already a mess. Nothing is the same with out her. I walk past her house everyday, check up on her family, try to comfort the. I am not doing a great job, for I myself need comfort. I need her. I just want the good old days back, where we spent all of our time together. Now, all I have is her memories. They reply in my head daily. I know her sparkling blue eyes are looking down on me, protecting me, but i need her here. I know that can't happen, because she is gone and is not coming back. 


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