Nothing Like Us

Sarah is a senior that is going through hell. her boyfriend is secretly sleeping around. her best friends have betrayed her, her mom is an alcholic,and her dad left when she was only 9 years old. no siblings. so sarah is basically lonely. until someone puts up a video of sarah on youtube! a very embarrassing one that! then a special someone pops up! he asked sarah to do him a little favor. will she agree or not?


24. Very Suspicious

I see the person running as they dodge the bullet. Then there was another person trying to grab Justin. He dropped the gun, they started fighting. Finally the two people decided to leave. Justin picked up his gun and ran outside after the burgular`s get away car, and starts shooting. Justin, walks back in the house and turns on all the lights. We sit in the kitchen, thinking.

Justin: *sighs* why is this happening to us?

Sarah: I don`t know. Justin, I`m scared.

Justin: I know. *hugs sarah* me, too. We`re gonna get through this.

The next day Justin went out with the boys. I decided to take a walk, sense im only about 2 weeks pregnant, and you can barely see my baby bump. The papparazzi followed me around asking the same`o questions, but iignored them. I walk into Tim Horton`s, to get some donuts. I see someone very familiar,and almost choke on my donuts. She sees me, smiles, and sits at my table.

Selena: Long time no see, huh, Sarah?

Sarah: Y-yeah.

Selena: congratulations on your pregnancy, and your engagement. I`m very happy for you and Justin. I`ve been trying to get my hands on you two, but never had a good I got you. huh.

Sarah:`s Nick?

Selena: oh, how should i know? we broke up. I have my eye on someone else and i`n trying my best to get him.

Sarah: oh..ok. I better get going.

Selena: ok,be safe. *winks*

 I gave her an awkward smile,and walked away. She seemed very suspicious. I may be paranoid again, probably. I walk into the mall, and bump into...

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