Nothing Like Us

Sarah is a senior that is going through hell. her boyfriend is secretly sleeping around. her best friends have betrayed her, her mom is an alcholic,and her dad left when she was only 9 years old. no siblings. so sarah is basically lonely. until someone puts up a video of sarah on youtube! a very embarrassing one that! then a special someone pops up! he asked sarah to do him a little favor. will she agree or not?


13. Tell all

Note:i am changing sarah`s mom`s name to claire

Days later.....

Sarah`s pov-

I call katie for directions to her house so we could go to Harry`s house. As i parked in her driveway, she ran to my car and hugged me, and get in the passenger seat. We went to Planet Smoothie to get us some smoothies (duh) and something to eat and headed to Harry`s house.

I parked in Harry`s driveway. Katie hopped out the car and sqealed. We knocked on the door, and Harry opened it, greeting us. The rest of the boys were inside. We sat on the couch, and started talking.

Sarah: so guys wassup?

Harry: well, sense Justin`s 19th birthday is in 2 months. I think we should...

Katie:-looks over at Niall-

Niall: *waves, winks*

Katie: -blushing-

Niall: *whispering to katie* hi, i`m niall.

Katie: Katie.

Niall: nice to meet you. you have a boyfriend?

Katie: no.

Niall: well i was wondering....

Harry: ....and then on his birthday, we`ll show him, in front of his loved ones.

Sarah: that`s a great idea harry!

Zayn: yeah,when should we start?

Liam: how about next week?

Louis: yeah, everybody is free next week.

Sarah: i just love you guy`s accents....*clears throat* anyway yeah next week.

Harry: great. Hey, where`s niall?

Sarah: and katie?

Zayn: do you think that they....?

All: nahhh!!!

Meanwhile at the beach....

-Justin`s Pov-

I texted Sarah around 8:00 to meet me at the beach, since she was at Harry`s house all day. I felt hands roaming on my body, and lips kissing my neck. I was guessing it was Sarah, but when i turned around, it wasnt her. me and the girl looked confused and embarrassed.

Her: omg, i am so sorry. i thought you were my boyfriend!  he told me to meet him here in an hour.

Justin: it`s fine. i texted my girlfriend the same thing.

Her: oh. i`m Lexy by the way.

Justin: nice to meet you lexy by the way.

Lexy: *laugh*

Justin: i`m justin.

Lexy: i know who you are.who doesn`t? you`re huuge! *laughs* see ya around!

Justin: bye. -sees sarah- -hugs her- i missed you.

Sarah: i missed you more. i`ve been thinkin about you all day. what did you need to tell me? at the beach? and it`s night time? sounds romantic.

Justin: yeah. *sighs* *looks at her necklace turns to purple* *smiles* Sarah. I can`t fake date you anymore.

Sarah: why?

Justin: my hugs aren`t kisses aren`t fake....when we`re having sex...i don`t think of it as just some girl i`m in bed with...i think of it as making love to you...most of feelings are definetly aren`t fake. my hugs are real, my kisses are real, i love to make love to you, my feelings for you are real, and i want to show you everyday...but i gotta know one thing...

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