Nothing Like Us

Sarah is a senior that is going through hell. her boyfriend is secretly sleeping around. her best friends have betrayed her, her mom is an alcholic,and her dad left when she was only 9 years old. no siblings. so sarah is basically lonely. until someone puts up a video of sarah on youtube! a very embarrassing one that! then a special someone pops up! he asked sarah to do him a little favor. will she agree or not?


11. Rehab

-Sarah`s pov-

me and took our showers and changed. we ate breakfast and went to the mall.

Sarah: that was so embarrassing. how did he even get in? didn`t you lock the door?

Justin: ummmm....i forgot.

Sarah: ohh, justin!

Justin: sorry! are you busy this week?

Sarah: yeah. i have a meet and greet tommorow, i have an interview wednesday, the kca is thursday, and Harry and Zayn asked me to come over their house friday!

Justin: why?

Sarah: idk, Harry said it`s for our fans.

Justin: oh. about saturday.

Sarah: yeah, saturday is great! maybe my mom- OH, MY GOD I HAVE TO PICK UP MY MOM FROM REHAB!!!

I hugged justin and ran to my car, and quickly drove to rehab. As she got in the car i could tell she stopped drinking. she looked better. i quickly hugged her really tight. she kissed my cheek.

Sarah: i missed you mom. how are you?

Mom: i missed you too. i am wonderful! i feel like a new woman. i heard you and justin go out now.

Sarah: well...not really. it`s just for the media. we`re fake dating eachother.

Mom: ohhhh....

Sarah: let`s go get some lunch, and shop a little.




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