Nothing Like Us

Sarah is a senior that is going through hell. her boyfriend is secretly sleeping around. her best friends have betrayed her, her mom is an alcholic,and her dad left when she was only 9 years old. no siblings. so sarah is basically lonely. until someone puts up a video of sarah on youtube! a very embarrassing one that! then a special someone pops up! he asked sarah to do him a little favor. will she agree or not?


9. Ladies and Boyfriend!/ Dirty

Saturday Night...

End of Sarah`s Concert...

Sarah: thank you for coming! I hope you enjoyed the show!

Fans: *screaming,cheering*

Sarah: before you leave...i want you to meet someone...Ladies and Boyfriend!

Justin: *runs to sarah and hugs her*

Fans: *screams louder*

Sarah: ok, guys have a goodnight!

Fans: KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS! *continues chanting*

Sarah: *sigh* *looks at justin*

Justin *shrugs* for the fans. *grabs sarah by the waist and kisses her*

(they kiss for long minute)

Sarah: ok, guys! have a goodnight!

-Sarah` pov-

we walked backstage. me and justin decided to end our "relationship" in 3 months. i went to my dressing room to take a shower and change, but my phone rang before i get to take off my outfit. i answered. it`s the doctor from rehab.

Sarah: hello?

Doctor: hello, Sarah. i am calling to tell you that your mother has quit drinking and she completed every task in rehab. she is ready to go home monday morning.

Sarah: really?! oh, my bieber! thank you! *hangs up phone* *gets in shower*

The next day, in my hotel room, after my shower i watched E! News, they were talking about my concert, and how me and Justin kissed. They said that the kiss was the most juiciest kiss they have ever seen. I must admit, Justin is a good kisser. I turned off my tv, hearing Justin in the hallway cursing and yelling. I opened my door and saw him talking on the phone. he finally hangs up, and turns around, he looks at me.

Justin: how much did you hear?

Sarah: i only heard you say fuck you!!!! *laughs*

Justin: *laughs*

Sarah: wanna talk about it, while i`m waiting for my favorite scary movie to come on?

Justin: what scary movie?

Sarah: Orphan.

Justin: that`s my favorite scary movie, too! lemme get some popcrorn.

Sarah: i already have some.

Justin: oh...

justin walks in my room and sits on the bed. he watches me pick up my clothes off the floor and put them in my suitcase. i start searching for my purple lace bra but i couldn`t find it.

Justin: i feel like im sitting on something. *grabs bra from under him* whoa! sexy laday! my favorite color!

Sarah: *laughs* shut up! *reaches for bra*

Justin: nuh-uh! this mine now!

Sarah: what?!

Justin: well...since you`re my "girlfriend" i should have some of your stuff.

Sarah: what? no! *grabs bra and puts it in suitcase*

Justin: mmm, fighsty!

Sarah: *laughs* *goes to bathroom*

-popcorn finish popping, justin gets popcorn, starts eating some, sees sarah changing in bathroom (door wasn`t fully closed)-

Justin: oh, sweet Jesus.

Sarah: has the movie started yet?

Justin: -still watching her change, eating popcorn- mm, noo...

Sarah: -opens door-

Justin: -quickly sits on bed, stares at necklace- everytime i`m around you, your necklace is purple!

Sarah: well....maybe`s my favorite color.

Justin: maybe because you love me.

Sarah: of course i do! as a friend. -sits by justin, eats popcorn-

The movie started, Sarah lays her head on my shoulder, we hold eachother`s hand. I couldn`t concentrate on the movie. I kept starring at her necklace; it kept changing from pink to purple to pink to purple again. she`s happy and in love. she fell asleep later in the movie and her head falls in my lap. i get nervous and a little turned on and have no idea what to do. Ryan knocked and walked in.

Ryan: *eyes gets big* bad time? *walks out*

Justin: umm...Sarah? Sarahhhh??!!!

Sarah: *wakes up* huh?!

Justin: your face was.. *looks down*

Sarah: ohhh...i am so sorry. i`m really tired.

Justin: hen go to bed.

Sarah: i`m scared after watching the movie...can you sleep with me?

Justin: *smiles* yeah.

 Sarah gets in the covers. I take off my shoes and my shirt and get in the bed with Sarah, and turned off the light. It starts storming and lightining.

Sarah: Justin?

Justin: hm?

Sarah: can you put your arms around me?

I scoot closer to her and put my arms around sarah. She puts her head on my chest and we start randomly talking about dirty fantasies and laugh hard. I feel Sarah lifting her head up and i feel her lips on mine. We start making out. I roll over sarah getting on top of her. we start undressing eachother and kiss more, and then....

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