Nothing Like Us

Sarah is a senior that is going through hell. her boyfriend is secretly sleeping around. her best friends have betrayed her, her mom is an alcholic,and her dad left when she was only 9 years old. no siblings. so sarah is basically lonely. until someone puts up a video of sarah on youtube! a very embarrassing one that! then a special someone pops up! he asked sarah to do him a little favor. will she agree or not?


2. Fight?!

I hurried downstairs to see what was happening, my mom was digging in the cabinets looking for liquor. I tell her there is no more. she sighs and grabs a pepsi. someone knocks on the door. it`s jason. i close the door behind myself.

Sarah: jason...sorry about earlier. i`m really stressed out.

Jason: yea, um...-sighs-

Sarah: Jase? what`s wrong?

Jason: i gotta tell you something.

Sarah: ok...

Jason: i`ve been sleeping with all three of the Hot Kitties for the past 2 months.

Sarah: what?

Jason: including Ellie...actually i slept with her more than the other girls.

Sarah: so you slept with Ellie, Mya, and Tori for 2 months!!! Jason how could youu!! i loved you! i gave you all my heart i trusted you!

Jason: i know i`m sorry...

Sarah: why did you do it? is it because i won`t sleep with you?

Jason: well....

Sarah: total jerk. don`t-

Jason: and i slept with Brooklyn for 2 weeks.

Sarah:....wh- I can`t believe you! i cant believe her!!! i hate you! i hate both of you!!! don`t call me or text me! don`t even look at me. -turns away- and tell that slut, Ellie i said...she can have you. we`re through. -goes in house-

mom: what was all that yelling for?

Sarah: nothing mom. just a little disagreement with Jason.

Mom: i don`t like him for some reason.

Sarah: yea mom. me too. i`m going to bed.

Mom: aren`t you hungry?

Sarah: no. goodnight. love you.

I go brush my teeth and lay in the bed starring out the window looking at the moon. i see a star fly by. i close my eyes and made a wish, as if it was really going to happen even though it won`t.

the next day at school, after lunch, the Hot Kitties walked towards me. i tried to walk around them but they blocked me.

Ellie: hm...Jason told me what you said last night.

Sarah: yea.

Mya: puta, you have no right to call her a slut.

Sarah: why not? it`s true.

Tori: hey!-

Ellie: calm down girls. we`ll take care of her later.

Ellie lifted my tray, making my food spill all over my new justin bieber shirt.

Ellie: can`t keep bieber clean can you? -laughing- he`ll never want to be with a girl likeyou.

I ran to the bathroom and cried in the stall. i heard someone come in. i dig in my bag and grabbed an extra shirt and changed into it, and opned the stall door,seeing Brooklyn which makes me cry harder.

Brooklyn: i`m sooo sorry Sarah.

Sarah: why?! You`re my best friend!

Brooklyn: i am your bestfriend!

Sarah: then why did you do it?!

Brooklyn: because i was jealous!

Sarah: jealous? of what?

Brooklyn: because we went out in 8th grade and he left me for you.

Sarah: well, i didnt know you were dating him, you never tell me anything. like you didn`t tell me you slept with him.

Brooklyn: he came on to me.

Sarah: so? you should`ve said no. i would`ve done the same. i`m done talking to you.

-later that day-

After gym, i went to the locker to change back into my regular clothes. i hear the door lock. i turn around to see Mya, Tori, and Ellie.

Sarah: what do u want?

Ellie: i said that we were going to take care of you.

Girl: hey leave her alone!

Ellie: shut it, dork!

Sarah: -mumbling-

Ellie: what`s that? are you scared? awwe...poor baby. just to tell you, a little birdie gave us a video of you singing and dancing to twinkle twinkle little star in your rabbit suit.

Sarah: what?

Ellie: we`re thinking about putting it on youtube.

Sarah: if you do that, i swear-

Ellie: what? It`s not my fault you`re a loner who`s dad left, her mom is a nobody who needs to go to rehab and her life is a living hell. oh wait. you dont have a life because no one loves you. not even your daddy!

Sarah: YOU BITCH!!! -pushes ellie-

we start fighting until one of the girls unlocked the door and called the teacher to break our fight.  i only had scratches on my face and my arm while, ellie has a black eye a busted lip and a bloody nose. this was my first fight ever. we both got sent home early. i ran in my room and tore everything in my room and broke most of my stuff. i do stupid stuff when i get mad. i started to clean my room, finding my journal slash diary slash song book. i wrote in it. 2 hours later Brooklyn sent me a text. i read it. "go to youtube, look up twinkle twinkle little rabbit" i didn`t reply i went to youtube anyway and watched the video. it was me last year in a play singing twinkle twinkle little star in a rabbit suit. i was so embarrassed i read the comments, the likes, the unlikes, and the views: 200,435,875 views. that was fast. there was this one comment. "this girl may look funny, but she is a real good singer." i put my head in my hands and sighed. what will happen next?

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