Nothing Like Us

Sarah is a senior that is going through hell. her boyfriend is secretly sleeping around. her best friends have betrayed her, her mom is an alcholic,and her dad left when she was only 9 years old. no siblings. so sarah is basically lonely. until someone puts up a video of sarah on youtube! a very embarrassing one that! then a special someone pops up! he asked sarah to do him a little favor. will she agree or not?


23. Did you hear that?

*Justin`s pov* I walked in my noise walking slowly. I was getting really paranoid. The floor starting creeking. I walked upstairs...

*Sarah`s pov* The doorknob started to turn, the person couldn`t get in, they started turning the dooknob even harder and harder. Somehow the door opened and someone ran in, i pointed my gunat him and was about to shoot until...

Justin: Babe, don`t shoot!

Sarah: You scared me!!!

Justin:i`m so sorry. wait...where did you get that gun?

Sarah:oh uhm..I bought it the other night...ya know for protection.


Sarah: I saw nick today. he looked really weird.

Justin: how?

Sarah:well...he just walked by and winked at me.

Justin: what does that even mean?

Sarah: i don`t know. *hears crashing noise* did you hear that?

Justin: yeah...that sounded like it came from the kitchen.

 I cock my gun and give it to Justin.

Justin: what am i supposed to do with it?

Sarah: shoot the bastard!!!

Justin: i don`t know how to use a gun!

Sarah: pull the trigger!! duh!

Justin:don`t duh me young laday!

 We slowly walk downstairs, we hear footsteps. As Justin walks downstairs,I walk to the bathroom, and grab my other gun from under the sink cabinet. I walk donwstairs behind Justin. Someone tries to grab me from behind, I quckly turn around and shoot and see...

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