Nothing Like Us

Sarah is a senior that is going through hell. her boyfriend is secretly sleeping around. her best friends have betrayed her, her mom is an alcholic,and her dad left when she was only 9 years old. no siblings. so sarah is basically lonely. until someone puts up a video of sarah on youtube! a very embarrassing one that! then a special someone pops up! he asked sarah to do him a little favor. will she agree or not?


10. Best Time of my life!

-justin`s pov-

....and then we started having sex. Sarah started making weird faces and stopped for a minute.

Justin: what`s wrong?

Sarah: first time.

Justin: you`re a virgin?

Sarah: yeah...

Justin: do you want me to get off?

Sarah: NO!!! keep going!

I laughed and started again. We started moaning and groaning. Sarah started screaming and yelling in pleasure, she put her nails in my back, and started moaning my name. We both came at the same time and we both moaned really loud. We start switching places, this time Sarah is on top of me. She started kissing my neck and my chest. I start moaning her name and i grabbed her hair. I kissed her neck and she starts moaning. We stopped at 4 in the morning. Sarah fell asleep on my chest. I fell asleep with my arms around her which is the best time of my life!. 4 hours later...I woke up with my arms still around Sarah. I heard Ryan talking and opened the door I quickly covered our naked bodies up, and tried to act normal. Ryan came in with a girl. I put sarah`s head under the cover so he couldn`t see her.

Ryan: Hey, Jay.

Justin: uhhh...h-hey. could you leave for a minute?

Ryan: yeah, but i want you to meet my new friend Maria.

Maria: hi.

Justin: hi.

Ryan: hey, where`s Sarah? Isn`t this her room?

Justin: y-yeah. um...she went to go get some coffee.

Sarah: -yawns, wakes up- -pulls cover off her head-

Ryan: whoa she`s naked!!!

Sarah: -sees Ryan, screams-

Ryan: -screams- -covers maria`s eyes-

Maria: -screams-

Justin: -screams-

Maria: ew ew ew ew!!!! -runs out room-

Ryan: I`ll pretend I didn`t see that! -runs out room-

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