Waiting for you- Stranded

It was just a normal day, when Cici and her best friend Maddie met 3 of the members of one of biggest boy-bands at the mall. They all go on vacation and their plane crashes on an island and they have to try to survive with all that they have and their love for each other.


15. Trying too hard

Maddie's P.O.V.

Strips of light peeked in through cracks in our small shelter. I stretched a bit, only to find myself in a deep, sore pain from my leg. I didn't recognize my surroundings for a few seconds, but soon remembered the tragedy from yesterday.

"Niall?" I looked to either sides of me to find no one, and I began to get worried. No one else was in the shelter.

I needed help to get out because I couldn't walk on my leg, so I yelled, "Hello! I need help! Hello!"

Thankfully Niall entered the shelter and lifted me up. "Come on," he said, leading me out.

"What's going on?" I said sleepily.

Liam and Cici were at work on the sand with large piles of wood, Zayn was looking through the remaining contents of our carry-ons and the emergency pack, putting them into different piles, Louis was digging a hole, and Harry was still asleep in the second shelter.

"Oh, hey, Sleeping Beauty," Cici said, standing up to greet me.
"What time is it?" I ask, rubbing my eyes.
"Lou, what time is it?" Cici asked Louis, who somehow managed to save his watch in the midst of this all.
"Uh... 10:46 am," I was a bit shocked to hear how late it was.
"We let you and Harry sleep because of your injuries," Cici answered my mental question. "We cut down some palms and started to collect sharp rocks and twigs for the fire." 
Zayn chimed in. "You have two shirts, shorts and two pairs of shoes, Cici has three shirts, pair of shorts, and flip flops."
"And us guys have nothing," Niall said, "except for a..." He reached into his pocket, "granola bar."

I looked over at Louis to see what he was doing. "I'm digging a hole!" Louis smiled at me, but Cici and Liam gave him a look, in which he replied with a roll of his eyes.
"Fine, it's for 'food storage'."
Suddenly, a thought occurred to me. "Hey, do any of you guys have your cell phones?"
Everyone reached into their pockets only to find nothing, so I searched in my pockets and, somehow, I managed to save it!
"I have mine!" I said excitedly, until I realized it was all wet and damaged. I frowned and tried to turn it on, but it didn't work. We all went silently back to our jobs and I helped Louis while Niall helped Cici and Liam.

Cici's POV:

Liam and I went back into the forest to cut down more palms. I started to climb the tree but a branch snapped underneath me. I fell backwards and landed hard on the ground. Everything went black.

Liam's POV:

She started to climb the tree and I looked away for a moment when I heard a sharp snap. I turned around to see Cici lying unconscious and sprawled on the ground.

"Harry! Zayn!" I shouted, trying to get someone's help

I got down on my knees and shook her slightly.

"C'mon Cici. Please wake up." I whispered

I heard footsteps and I called them over to help me. We picked her up and brought her into one of the shelters. Harry bent over her and shook her.

"Please wake up, c'mon." He whispered

He took a rag from the emergency bag and poured water on it. He placed it on her forehead. She wouldn't wake up, so Zayn and I walked back to the fire. Niall helped Maddie walk over to us.

"Is she going to be okay?" Maddie asked

"I'm not sure, but Harry is going to stay with her until she wakes up." I replied

"I hope she's okay. She's my best friend." she said

"I hope so too." I said

Harry's POV:

"Please wake up, please Cici." I said and knelt down next to her

I shook her lightly and then a little bit harder. I kept begging her to wake up. She shifted slightly and I gasped.

"Cici! Wake up!" I shouted 


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