Waiting for you- Stranded

It was just a normal day, when Cici and her best friend Maddie met 3 of the members of one of biggest boy-bands at the mall. They all go on vacation and their plane crashes on an island and they have to try to survive with all that they have and their love for each other.


20. Stressed

Niall's POV:

Okay okay, so what if they both like turtles. It doesn't mean she likes him. I thought to myself.

When he picked her up and hugged her, I was way beyond jealous. He saw that I was upset, so he put her down. I had to admit, the eggs were so cute. I knew she loved Gummy V. like a daughter, but I am still kinda upset.

"Can I name one?" I overheard Louis say

"Of course! I think this one should be..... Angeline. After Cici's mom." Maddie said and hugged Cici

"This one should be Sass-perilla. After moi." Louis said and made a wave of his hand over his face

We laughed and I sat down next to the hole. I touched one and it fell over.

"Don't touch them!" Liam said

"Don't yell at me! Who do you think you are?" I said and sat up, looking him straight in the eyes

"Well excuse me, I thought I was your friend." he said

"I never said you weren't my friend. Don't start putting words in my mouth."

"Guys! Please don't fight. Liam was just trying to keep the eggs safe." Maddie said looking at both of us

"So you're taking Liam's side now?!" I said

"I'm not taking any sides, Niall!" she started "I'm not going to argue with you!" she said and got up and stormed away

"Maddie, wait. Please." I said and started to walk after her, when Liam stopped me

"Don't. Give her time." He said

I looked over to see her pick up a stick and throw it into the ocean. She flopped down in our shelter and put her hands over her face.

"Seriously Niall? She's already stressed." Cici said

"Why should she be stressed? I know we are on a deserted island, but what else is there to be stressed about?" I yelled back

Cici's POV:

Harry tried to hold me back a bit. I shot him a look and he backed away slightly. I stepped up to Niall and pointed at her.

"You don't know her, Niall. I've known her my whole life. She's stressed because she might be pregnant. She can't imagine having to have a child at such a young age and on a island." I turned around and walked over to her, only looking back once

Niall's face was flushed and all the guys' jaws were dropped. I started to cry and I just let it all go right there on the sand.

Someone put a hand on my shoulder and hugged me from behind. I just continued to cry into the person's arms.

"It's okay, I love you." he said and kissed my head

"I love you too.




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