Waiting for you- Stranded

It was just a normal day, when Cici and her best friend Maddie met 3 of the members of one of biggest boy-bands at the mall. They all go on vacation and their plane crashes on an island and they have to try to survive with all that they have and their love for each other.


18. Gummy Vern

Cici's P.O.V.

The tears silently fell down my hot cheeks. Harry pushed some of my hair behind my ear and kissed my forehead.

"I'm sorry... I never knew." Harry held me in a tight hug.

"She-she was in a c-car accident..." I couldn't continue, so Maddie went on for me quietly.

"Joshua was in the accident too, but he survived. He watched her die..." Out of the corner of my eye I saw her shake her head. "That's why he's so mean and protective. Her dad couldn't... couldn't live without her..." Maddie started to choke up as well. She and my father were very close.

"He killed himself the next day. She dropped out of school the next month. I got kicked out of school the same year, that's why we're not in school."

"When did this happen?" Niall rubbed Maddie's arm.

"We were 17." Maddie answered.

Harry looked into my eyes, glimmering with tears. "Cici, you can tell me anything. I should have known this before," he wrapped me in another hug.

Maddie's P.O.V.

After the storm was over, I was brave enough to enter the woods all by myself. My leg has progressively healed, and we made a cane for me out of wood. I needed to go deep into the woods to find  some food or something to help us with our survival.

I had limped pretty far into the woods when I stumbled upon a cute little turtle about the size of my three times the size of my pinkie. I immediately fell in love with it.

"Hi there little guy," I said in a baby voice. I carried him in the crook of my arm.

After what seemed like forever, I had only found one coconut. I trudged back to the camp and showed everyone my discoveries.

"A turtle!" Liam ran over to me and held the turtle. "He's so adorable! What's his name?"

I thought about what I should name our new companion. "Gummy Vern."

Everyone looked at me like I was crazy, but I liked the name.

"Okay then, hi Gummy Vern!" Liam squealed.

He carried him across the beach to the shelter and settled him down on a rag.

"Welcome to the family!"

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