Waiting for you- Stranded

It was just a normal day, when Cici and her best friend Maddie met 3 of the members of one of biggest boy-bands at the mall. They all go on vacation and their plane crashes on an island and they have to try to survive with all that they have and their love for each other.


23. Forever in our Hearts

Cici's P.O.V.

I watched from afar as Maddie traced pictures in the sand. I glanced over at the small nest of eggs. Only four made it out. Seeing how upset Maddie and Liam were, I mentally swore to protect them.

I looked back at Niall, who appeared to be making a small gravestone out of rocks. A small smile crossed my face as I realized what a great boyfriend he was to her. Just like Harry was to me.

I jogged over to my friend.

"Maddie..." She looked up at me, then back at the endless horizon. I sat down and wrapped my arms around her and she rested her head on my shoulder.

"I'm so... so sorry about Gummy. She was so-"

"It's not just about Gummy," she lifted her head to look at me. "Of course I loved Gummy Vern. I loved her like she was... My own. But if I can't take care of a turtle... How will I be able to take care of baby?" She buried her head in her hands.

"Maddie, you don't know yet. I'm scared too, but we don't know."

She nodded. "You're right, I'm sorry. It just... scares me. I mean what if I am, even worse, what if we both are. And we're not rescued yet. What will happen then?"

"As long as we're in this together, we will always be okay."

She smiled warmly and tangled me in a hug. We got up together and she sat next to Liam to comfort him. I walked over to Niall and peeked at the gravestone.

JANUARY ? 2012-February ? 2013

Maddie's P.O.V.

Cici cheered me up a lot. I was so lucky to have a friend like her.

"Guys! Can you come here?" Niall chanted from across the beach.

I helped Liam up, who looked like a wreck, and led him to where Niall was standing.

"In a few minutes, I will host a funeral for Gummy Vern, so get your best outfits on, clean yourselves up, and meet me here at sunset."

I smiled at Niall and gave him a huge hug. I ran toward the shelter to get changed.

Very little clothes made it, but I ended up finding a bathing suit cover-up dress that I hadn't seen before. It was at the very bottom of the largest bag that survived. It'd have to do for now.

It had been days, maybe weeks, since I last looked in a mirror. I took out a small compact mirror from my carry-on and realized how awful I looked. My hair was matted and tangled, I had cuts and scrapes and bruises all over my dirty face, and I looked as if I hadn't slept in weeks. Plus, I hadn't really showered in a while, just quickly jumped into the freezing fresh waterfall a few times. I took some water from a water bottle and splashed it onto my face and scrubbed. The dried blood cracked off my face, and pretty much all of the dirt and grime were washed from my visible complexion. I was extremely happy we managed to save our make-up. The only way of possibly brushing my mane was to use a broken, over-used comb. I attempted at flattening out my rat's nest, but failed miserably. I tried splashing some water on it, but it only helped a little. I dug through all my cases, finally to find some hand lotion. It wasn't conditioner, but it'd have to do. Surprisingly, it worked okay.

After what seemed like forever, I finally took a final look in my compact mirror and decided I looked okay. I still looked like crap, but prettier crap than before.

I stepped onto the beach to find the sun just barely setting. I walked next to Cici, who also was wearing a bathing suit cover-up dress. I could smell she used the hand lotion method as well.

"You look great," she said with a sincere smile.

"Thanks. So do you."

She had a pink flower in her hair, and she gave me a beautiful yellow one that she carefully slipped behind my ear.

I linked arms with her. We sat down where there ceremony was to be taken place, about twenty feet from the shelters. Cici sat next to Harry and I sat next to Liam. Cici's eyes were searching around the camp for something.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Niall had a gravestone for Gummy. Not sure where it went."

I smiled at the fact Niall made a gravestone for Gummy V.

I smiled sadly when I spotted the small wooden box resting peacefully on a blue duffle bag. Niall stood behind it, and Liam grabbed my hand.

"Welcome. We gather here today to mourn the loss of our dearly beloved Gummy Vern. We may have lost a great friend and companion, but we still will always have Gummy Vern in our hearts. We have not only lost, but gained with the arrival of this dear friend. Her unborn children gather with us today. And I have noticed that we have yet to name these unborn children. So I would like to ask the parents of Gummy Vern to please step forward."
Liam and I were a bit caught off guard when he asked us to come up, but Liam and I strode toward the tiny casket.

"Madison and Liam, please put one of your hands on your daughter's casket." We managed to fit both of our right hands on the small box.

"Okay, now I would like you to name these four unborn children, assuming two are male and two are female."

I spoke first, "I would like to name two after Ciara's parents, Angie and Chad." I saw Cici smile sadly.

"I would like to name the second male, Josephat." Liam chimed in.

"We need one more female name," Niall responded.

"Ooh!" Louis raised his hand like a little

school boy, and I couldn't help but smirk.

"Yes, Lou?"

"Sassperilla!" We looked at each other and nodded in approval.

"It's settled then," Niall took out a small piece of paper and scribbled down the names. "We have the names of Gummy Vern's children. You two may be seated." We settled back into the log next to Cici and Harry.

"Now a moment of silence for the the friends and family of Gummy Vern." Niall dipped his head down and became silent. The rest of us followed.

After what seemed like so long, Niall finally asked us to raise our heads.

"Now I would like to ask you all to say one final goodbye to your forever living Gummy Vern."

Me and Liam both stood up and slowly walking to the casket. Tears streamed down our face as we said our last goodbye to our friend forever.

Niall took the box and told us to follow him. We questioningly walked with him, having no idea of where we were going.

We finally stopped, and I almost threw up at the sight. It was the plane.

"Niall, why are we here?" I asked frantically.

"This is where Gummy Vern will be buried." I was a bit reluctant to be in a place with such bad memories, but if it was where Niall wanted, I was okay with it.

We were led to a small square-shaped hole in the ground, leading up to a stone engraved:

JANUARY ? 2012-February ? 2013

My heart swelled at the sight. Niall handed the box to Harry and Harry placed it in the grave. Niall put his hand on my back.

"I can't believe you did this. I... Love you."
Louis and Zayn covered the hole with sand as Niall hugged me into his chest.

"Goodbye, Gummy Vern. You will forever be in our hearts."

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